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Eyewitness Reports From Training Camp

I'm not there so I'll just turn this space over to those who are.

On the Hawks BasketBlog, Micah Hart is augmenting his observations with pictures and audio. A couple of choice cuts:

Marvin Williams was 2-2 from long range during the scrimmage. That's a tiny, miniscule little sample size - but the fact that he took them without hesitation is what made me happy. That he made them was gravy; I'd still be happy if he'd gone 0-2. But both shots came in the rhythm of the offense and with no added effort for Marv, who we all know spent his summer working on the three-ball. This is one component of the offense I know a lot of fans are anxious to see, and I'm happy to say so far, so good.

Josh Smith was an animal today. He was aggressive going to the hole and getting rebounds, and he must have gone to the free throw line 6-7 times at least. One play stood out in particular that I hope is a sign of things to come - with the shot clock winding down and Smoove out on the perimeter, he initially went into a shooting motion, then thought better of it and took it to the rim for a lay-up. The more shots he takes inside, the better off we'll be.

Sekou Smith opens his notebook for the world to see. What's in there? First of all a dig at Mr. John Hollinger:

First team is JJ, Bibby, Josh, Al and Marvin as expected. Second team is Flip, Acie, Mo, Zaza and Solo. Interesting top 10. That second group doesn’t look half as bad as said they would.

There's a promising account of Solomon Jones' play:

Solo is working his tail off. Seals his man and makes a great catch and finishes with a two-handed jam. Where has this cat been the past two years?

The answer (sort of) follows:

Solo is handling Oyedeji off the dribble and finishes with the nice layup. Solo is going nuts and his teammates are juicing him up along the way.

Solo > Oyedeji. That (though likely) wasn't a given entering training camp but I'll withhold my Solomon Jones excitement until at least the pre-season games begin.

Oh, and Flip Murray, how'd he look?

Flip is stronger than you think. He’s holding his own against Joe physically. He might be the wild card in the backcourt this season.

That's what I'm afraid of.