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No More Cuts Means Hawks Will Start Season With 15 on Roster

Sekou Smith reports:

The Hawks’ final roster has been set at 15, with Mario West, Othello Hunter and Thomas Gardner filling out the final three spots.

Teams have to turn opening day rosters into the NBA office Monday. West made the team as a free agent for the second straight year. Both Hunter and Gardner played on the Hawks’ summer league team and earned roster spots.

A rough estimation of the depth chart...

PG: Mike Bibby/Acie Law IV/Speedy Claxton

2G: Joe Johnson/Flip Murray/Mario West/Thomas Gardner

SF: Marvin Williams/Maurice Evans

PF: Josh Smith/Othello Hunter

C: Al Horford/Zaza Pachulia/Solomon Jones/Randolph Morris

Admittedly that depth chart is a best guess (In the case of the point guard position perhaps both a best-case and wishful thinking scenario. Whatever position he's nominally playing, Flip Murray figures to have the ball in hands when he's on the court.) until we see what Mike Woodson does over the first couple of weeks of the season.

I doubt we'll learn much of anything Wednesday night as Marvin Williams' suspension will prevent us from getting a look at Woodson's initial plan to distribute minutes until Saturday's home opener.