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Final Pre-Season Game Thread, Poll #3, and Links

WHO: Atlanta (4-3) at Detroit (6-1)

WHEN: 7:30pm

WHERE: No TV, Hawks Radio Network (should any station preempt coverage of the pre-season game I suggest NBA Audio League Pass)

Injury/Rest Report: Marvin Williams and Maurice Evans should return for the Hawks. Kwame Brown is expected to miss tonight's game while Michael Curry plans to rest Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Rasheed Wallace, and Antonio McDyess during the second half.

Conventional wisdom says the Hawks will ride the crest of taking the Celtics to seven games in the first round back to the playoffs. With Joe Johnson and Josh Smith, maturing Marvin Williams and Al Horford, plus a training camp with Mike Bibby, they should get there. Let's see if the two-year extension signed by coach Mike Woodson helps them gain consistency.

Still open... Poll #1 (How many games will the Hawks win?) and Poll #2 (How many games will Mike Woodson coach?)

Today, Poll #3 or, How do you come up with a half-decent poll question about a player as consistent as Joe Johnson? There will not be a poll to determine whether or not I have succeeded in doing that.