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Pre-Season Poll #2: The Hot Seat

The second in a series of pre-season polls to be offered here between now and the start of the season. If you so desire, please claim and/or expand upon your vote in the comments then come back to vote in tomorrow's poll. If you haven't already, yesterday's poll (Victories) will be open until approximately 7pm on October 29th.

A brief note regarding the choices below:

  • 0-22: Of the Hawks' first 22 games, 8 are at home and 14 are on the road.
  • 23-30: The Hawks follow that opening stretch with an 8-game, 16-day homestand.
  • 31-52: Games 31 through 52 will take the team from the conclusion of that homestand through the All-Star Break.
  • 53-81: All the games, save one, following the All-Star Break.
  • 82: Celebrating five full years of Mike Woodson-coached basketball!