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Pre-Season Game Thread #6

WHO: Atlanta (3-2) at Charlotte (0-4)

WHEN: 7pm

WHERE: No TV, Hawks Radio Network (should any station preempt coverage of the pre-season game I suggest NBA Audio League Pass)

Injury Report: No news reported by either team at the time of writing.

Today's lone piece of Hawks news concerns the potential usefulness of Othello Hunter. Coach?

"He’s just a very humble kid and he works. he thing I really love about him is he doesn’t try and do anything he can’t do. He tries to defend and rebound. If he gets a touch or two on the offensive end, he’s fine. But big guys in this league, if you just defend and rebound, you’re going to play in this league for a long time. And he’s got a chance."

Sounds great. Oh, I'm sorry, you've got something more to say?

"I don’t know how much he’ll play this year, but he just has to be ready."

Solomon Jones it is, then,