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Blazers 102 Hawks 80

Box Score


  • Josh Smith's improved shot selection.
  • Othello Hunter's 6 offensive rebounds.
  • Flip Murray's 10 points (on 7 shots) and 5 assists (against 3 turnovers).
  • The health of Mike Bibby and Zaza Pachulia's newborn children. Congratulations.


  • Portland made 38 of 58 two-point baskets (65.5%).
  • Hawks not named Smith or Murray were 20-63 from the floor.
  • Shavlik Randolph dominated the Hawks for much of the time he was on the floor.
  • Nate McMillan rested Greg Oden for the rest of the game after Oden picked up his fourth foul with 2:30 left in the fourth quarter. Mike Woodson needs exposure to positive role models w/r/t this issue.

Mike Woodson:

"I didn't like anything about this game. We were too lethargic. We really have got to hold ourselves accountable night in and night out, come out and play with a lot of heart and come out to play to win. Tonight we just really seemed down and own."

Here's hoping it was over-exposure to Kansas City's traditionally excellent barbecue that made the team logy. That would be a correctable problem unlikely to repeat itself. Otherwise, we may be on the brink of another season spent reading and listening to statements similar to the above at least once a week.

Woodson, again:

"We’re still not in the kind of shape we need to be in to play real games. Sure, we’ve looked pretty good in spurts. But we’re going to have to put an entire game together in a few weeks. That’s why I push as hard as I do in the preseason, because you’ve got to be ready to take it to that next level in a few weeks."

Offering a different perspective from the head coach, Mr. Josh Smith:

"We have to make sure we’re trusting each other out there. We were in sync the first two games, and we didn’t seem to have that spark tonight. But we’re fine. This is still the preseason, so there is time to get it right. Nobody said we were a finished product after two preseason games. We know we’re still working to get there."

A Blazer's Edge reader attended the game and offers an eyewitness account:

Once they got their legs under them, they made the Hawks look like a young team.  They made the Hawks look like the Blazers circa 2006.

The Hawks return to pre-season action Monday night against Charlotte in Philips Arena. If you're looking for something to do this afternoon, don't forget about the open practice.