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Exclusive chat with Hawk Legend


For limited time NBA Legend & Atlanta Hawk Tree Rollins is taking calls from the fans. Call 1 (888) 695-4543 Ext: 112299 or visit http://www.callachamp.com/operator.html/12299/Tree-Rollins Brought to you exclusively by Callachamp.com -the ultimate sports fan experience

Rick Sund Talks Trade Scenario's 01-31-11


Atlanta Hawks GM Rick Rund talks about what he is looking for in possible trade scenarios, why the Hawks are a better team this year, and even compares them to the San Antonio Spurs.

90-91 Atlanta Hawks Team Photos


The 90-91 ATL Hawks starring Glenn Rivers, Spud Webb, Nique, Moses Malone, Kenny Smith, Kevin Willis and more.

Hoopinion on FanScribe Radio


Hoopinion writer Bret LaGree sat down with Chris Queso and Arnau Gomis on the third episode of FanScribe Radio to discuss many of the unanswered questions surrounding the Atlanta Hawks.

Hawks co-owner fined for LeBron James Talk


It appears that if you are not the Cleveland Cavaliers then you don't need to be talking about LeBron James. Hawks Co-Owner Michael Gearon was fined $25,000 for comments that he made about James to the AJC.

Hawks will have 60 games in HD.


Would have liked 82, but I can handle 60. HD basketball farts in the general direction of normal basketball.

Hawks getting a third jersey!


Scroll down to the calendar for all the upcoming events that will lead up to the Hawks tip-off. Great stuff, but much more importantly, check out Oct. 25th. It appears the Hawks are unveiling an alternate third jersey. Looks like it time to bring the piggy bank back out. I have a Zaza jersey to save up for. (HT Hawksquawk)

A look at Atlanta Hawks training camp invitees


I could do a post on the training camp invitees but it would not be as good or as entertaining as this one from Ridiculous Upside. It is chalk full of links and goodies so check it out for serious information on the non-guaranteed players at camp. I plan to stake my claim on three of these players and obsessively root for each to the point where I assume I will cry if one does not make the team. Who wants to join me? But seriously, click the link.

Joe Smith officially a Hawk


Our long national nightmare is over. I love twitter, but it makes old school breaking news highly anticlimactic.

Mario West is going into camp without a contract for the 3rd year.


It seems a bit weird that the Hawks cannot make a decision before camp as to whether they want Mario on the team considering he has done the exact same things well (going down right crazy and crashing the boards) and not well (most other things related to basketball) since he has been on the team. But I guess it does not really matter since I am sure Mario was going to go 100 percent whether he had a contract or not.

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