Finding solace in a 38-win season


It's rare to finish up a 38-win season, in which the Hawks had, and feel good about the future. This is one of those unusual scenarios.

Analyzing the Hawks vs. Pacers series

Can the Hawks really upset the Indiana Pacers in the first round? It's plausible, and that's what matters.

What to expect out of the Hawks in the postseason


So the Hawks are probably going to make the playoffs -- now what?

How did the Hawks fare in March?


March was a roller coaster of a month for the Hawks. Let's examine it.

Should the Hawks re-sign Shelvin Mack this summer?


Shelvin Mack has quietly played an important role for the Atlanta Hawks this season. With his contract up after this season, should the club re-sign him? The answer is yes.

Analyzing the Lou Williams situation


What to make of Lou Williams falling entirely out of the Atlanta Hawks rotation.

The Dennis Schröder Conundrum


The Atlanta Hawks are barely hanging onto the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. Is it time to give Dennis Schröder extended minutes with the starting unit? It's discussion worth having.

Monthly Progress Report: February


February was not propitious for the Atlanta Hawks as the team won just two of their 10 games. What happened?

What to expect from Mike Muscala


What to expect from Atlanta Hawks 2013 second-round pick Mike Muscala this season and beyond.

Assessing how the Hawks handled the trade deadline


Another trade deadline has come and gone and very little changed in Atlanta, but that's a good thing.


Evaluating John Jenkins' long-term outlook


Atlanta Hawks guard John Jenkins is out for the season following lower-back surgery. Is it time to start seriously worrying about Jenkins going forward? What's the best case scenario? All that and...

How did the Hawks fare in January?


The Hawks went 5-7 in January following a 9-5 December. What went right and what went wrong this month? How can they fix their problems heading into February?

Column: Why Mike Scott belongs in the Rising Stars


We're quickly approaching All-Star weekend, so Chase Thomas decided to examine whether or not Hawks forward Mike Scott deserves a spot in the Rising Stars challenge.

Column: Should Teague's struggles be worrisome?


After getting off to an incredibly hot start to the season Teague has hit a major rough patch.

Which route should the Hawks take?


Just who exactly are the Hawks without Al Horford? Is it an identity worth preserving?

How did the Hawks fare in December?


December was very kind to the Hawks, outside of the Al Horford injury, as the team went 9-5.

#NBABallot: The case for Jeff Teague


In my column this week, I discuss whether or not Jeff Teague deserves serious consideration for an all-star spot this season.

Are the Hawks buyers or sellers?


The Atlanta Hawks are too good to sell, but not good enough to buy. Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Does Williams fit long term?


Lou Williams is a great hometown story, but is he an actual long-term fit for the franchise if they eventually want to be championship contenders? Probably not.

Hawk Str8Talk Dares To Question Danny Ferry


While the basketball world is enamored with Danny Ferry, HS8T dials back the wildeyed optimism with a dose of the truth.

Should John Jenkins have been drafted higher?


ESPN's David Thorpe, in a recent draft preview, compared CJ McCollum to John Jenkins, last year's #23 pick for the Hawks. He mentions that Jenkins should have been drafted higher and we look back...

Nique vs. Bird: An Oral History


25 years ago, heartache swept across the narrow path that is Hawks fandom. The Atlanta Hawks had a chance to advance past the world-class Boston Celtics -- and an unforgettable duel ensued.

Why, this time, the coaching search is serious


For the first time in 20 seasons, the Hawks have launched a search for a head coach that includes actual former successful head coaches. Read why that matters to Hawks fans desperate for a...

Stats show Hawks should turn it around in Game 3


After blowing through every complaint possible in the first two games, it's time to regroup and get back into the series. See how the stats show the Hawks should feel good about coming home against...

The Atlanta Hawks can come back...if anybody cares


A quick glance across the national map yesterday revealed what we would already have guessed....that nobody cares about the Atlanta Hawks and nobody considers them a threat to anything in...

Larry Drew voluntarily fouled out Al Horford

Larry Drew benched Al Horford in the first half after picking up a second personal foul. Drew neglected to alter his regular rotation to play Horford more in the second half and the Hawks best...

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