Hawks Should Consider Trading Paul Milwaukee?



With all the talk about the Bucks rebuilding the Hawks could make a steal by making a trade for potential star Giannis Antetokounmpo

While watching a Sportscenter segment on the possibility of Jason Kidd moving to Milwaukee, I came upon an interesting graphic. It showed Bucks depth chart and what I found interesting was that according to Milwaukee's depth chart the Bucks plan to have Giannis Antetokounmpo coming off the bench. Apparently the Bucks didn't watch their own games because if they did they would've realized he is a potential star an definitely worthy of starting. Yes he has grown to 6'11" meaning he would be used as a small forward or a power forward with his skill-set and yes the Bucks do have two players that are adequately holding those starting positions in Jabari Parker and Ersan Ilyasova but I do think he should still start, even if it has to be over Ilyasova, someone who the Bucks recently haven't been fond of.

Giannis has all of the tools to become a star in this league. He has size at 6'11" and athleticism, two things you can't really teach. What's even more important is that he flashed some of that upside in his rookie year. I don't know how high the Bucks are on Giannis and with all their staff turnover they may be potentially open to moving Giannis for the right piece as they continue their rebuild. This is where the Hawks come in.

Atlanta has some nice pieces they could offer for the Greek freak. To have a deal around Giannis materialize I do think the Hawks would have to take back a piece from Milwaukee which the Bucks do not want to retain moving forward. This is where Ersan Ilyasova comes in. Ilyasova has been put on the trading block after struggling since signing his 5 year 40 million dollar deal with the Bucks. He definitely needs a change of scenery and the Hawks can provide that, while taking on the rest of his contract, something the Bucks would love.

With the Hawks looking to try and move closer to a championship and the Bucks in rebuild mode there is a trade that could bring Giannis and Ilyasova to Atlanta, moving the Hawks closer to a championship, and help the Bucks rebuild. The trade I am proposing is sending Mike Scott and Paul Millsap to the Bucks and Giannis and Ilyasova to the Hawks (you can see the deal here on the ESPN trade machine). The reason why I believe this trade would work for both parties is because firstly, with the Hawks selecting Payne, Mike Scott is basically on his way out of Atlanta. This would be a great move for Atlanta because they would be able to recover some value for losing Scott. Scott could be a valuable player for the Bucks who could use a solid rotation guy. Also, Millsap only has 1 year left on his deal which would allow the Bucks out of Ilyasova's poor contract and allow them financial flexibility moving forward.

This deal also works well for Atlanta. For the Hawks, they gain a potential star in Giannis Antetokounmpo. In addition to Giannis, the Hawks would acquire Ilyasova. I believe Ilyasova still has a lot to offer a team with his size and ability to stretch the floor. He just needs a change of scenery and Atlanta can offer that. Additionally, with the Hawks offense predicated on spreading the floor Ilyasova would fit right in and would be able to provide solid minutes for Coach Bud. Moving Millsap should also be a plus for the Hawks as Atlanta can open up more minutes for Payne and get value out him if he were to decide to walk next summer for nothing. This deal is a no brainer for both sides with financial flexibility and skill for the Bucks and youth and talent for the Hawks.

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