Trades That Make Way Too Much Sense


Under Danny Ferry's stewardship, the Atlanta Hawks have been very quiet when it comes trade rumblings. With that in mind, why wait for the unlikely rumors to be leaked by our front office when we can look at other GM's shopping lists?

Oklahoma City Thunder Seek Upgrade at Wing Position

Source: Adrian Wojnarowski

Trade Chip: DeMarre Carroll.

Potential Trade: DeMarre Carroll for Thabo Sefolosha and a first-round draft pick.


Why It Makes Sense: While Thabo Sefolosha is still a superior defender, his offensive game has seen a sharp decline this year; he's shooting 42% from the field and 34% from three. With the emergence of Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb and the imminent return of Russell Westbrook, the Thunder appear to be set in their guard rotation. Meanwhile, DeMarre Carroll has proven himself to be a capable "3 and D" wing player, shooting 47% from the field and 37% from three this season (over 50% from the field and 40% from 3 in 2014). Oklahoma City is seeking a championship now and have a war chest of draft picks they can part with.

The Hawks, on the other hand, can try to maximize the yield from this current roster as they continue the rebuilding process. Draft picks are a valuable commodity in Danny Ferry's hands, as he's shown he's capable of finding useful talent in any draft position.

Other Possible Trades: DeMarre Carroll for Perry Jones and Hasheem Thabeet (and possibly a pick) would allow the Thunder to keep Sefolosha while parting with little-used players. The Hawks would get a young asset back in Jones and a long-shot project in Thabeet.

Memphis Grizzlies Look To Upgrade Small Forward Position

Source: USA Today's Sam Amick

The Grizzlies aren't necessarily among the more active teams, but they are known to be perusing their rivals' rosters in search of an upgrade at the small forward spot. Veteran Tayshaun Prince is having the worst of his 12 seasons as a starter, averaging just 6.0 points (38% shooting overall, 29.5% from three-point range), 3.0 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 26.7 minutes a game.

Trade Chip: DeMarre Carroll.

Potential Trade: DeMarre Carroll and Lou Williams for Tayshaun Prince and Kosta Koufos.


Why It Makes Sense: Is there another starting 3 for a (fringe) contender who is more inept offensively than Tayshaun Prince? He is shooting 39% from the floor (31% from 3) and is no longer the lockdown defender who helped the Pistons win a championship a decade ago. Carroll would be a significant upgrade on both ends of the court and his friendly contract should not scare away the Grizzlies front office. Also, Lou Williams would potentially provide some additional playmaking ability and a scoring punch off the bench. While Kosta Koufos is a promising young player, he is an underused asset playing behind Marc Gasol and sharing frontcourt minutes with Zach Randolph and Ed Davis. Davis is on the last year of his contract, and Koufos, Gasol and Randolph all have deals that expire in 2015-2016. It is unlikely that Memphis can afford to keep them all.

The Hawks side of the deal is pretty self-explanatory: they get a promising young center for the price of having to swallow Prince's deal and parting ways with the surprisingly good Carroll.

Other Possible Trades: If the Grizzlies value Koufos higher than Davis or just don't want to deal with Davis' impending free agency, they could trade Prince and Davis for Williams and Carroll.

Cleveland Cavaliers Are Looking For Outside Shooting

Source: The Plain Dealer's Terry Pluto

The Cavs are looking for outside shooting. A big problem is spacing. Teams tend to clog the middle on the Cavs because they don't have a power forward -- or even a small forward -- with 3-point shooting range. Former General Manager Chris Grant saw the same weakness, which is why he tried very hard to sign Kyle Korver and Mike Dunleavy last summer. But free agents took a little less money to sign elsewhere -- Korver with Atlanta, Dunleavy to Chicago.

Trade Chip: Kyle Korver.

Potential Trade: Kyle Korver for Dion Waiters and Alonzo Gee.


Why It Makes Sense: What should a team do when its young franchise player doesn't get along with his budding sidekick? Dion Waiters, a promising (and somewhat underachieving) young talent was drafted to be the Robin to Kyrie Irving's Batman. Unfortunately for the Cavs, the Dynamic Duo are going through a rough patch in their relationship. With Cleveland desperately wanting to make the playoffs in order to prove itself worthy of a contract extension to Irving, whose deal expires after the 2014-2015 season, its front office needs to do whatever it takes to improve the team. Seeing as the Cavs have already shown interest in Korver during the offseason, it's not a stretch to imagine they would welcome the record-setting sharpshooter with open arms.

The Hawks would love to keep Korver around through the first few years of his new deal. He's a fan favorite and consummate professional, but his limitations on defense and creating his own shot make him somewhat one-dimensional. Trading him for a young player with Dion's potential makes sense. Alonzo Gee is nothing more than trade fodder in this scenario.

Other Possible Trades: Would Cleveland rather have Lou Williams for his playmaking ability and friendlier, shorter contract? Atlanta would make that deal in a heartbeat.

Houston Rockets Looking To Unload Asik

Source: Sports on Earth's Shaun Powell

If Morey can find an even swap (Asik for JaVale McGee, Anderson Varejao, Nik Pekovic or someone like them), maybe a deal gets done if only to get rid of the Asik attitude. The player Morey wants is Paul Millsap from the Hawks. Danny Ferry, call on Line One.

Trade Chip: Paul Millsap (obviously).

Potential Trade: Paul Millsap for Omer Asik and a first-round draft pick.


Why It Makes Sense: Before the season started, Omer Asik's trade value was at its highest and Paul Millsap's at its lowest. After constant pouting from the Rockets big man and outstanding production from the Hawks forward, the inverse is true now. In order for this trade to happen today, Daryl Morey will likely need to sweeten the pot with Houston's first round pick.

Other Possible Trades: Any number of moving parts is possible in this trade depending on how badly Houston wants to win right now. Atlanta is flush with useful veteran parts that can be swapped for young talent.

Did we miss any trade possibilities? Please add your feedback in the comments. We only have four days to go until the trade deadline, also known as NBA's Christmas!

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