NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Hold Steady

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

Here is the first power ranking of the year 2014. Let's see where we rank in our first week of Atlanta Hawks AH (After Horford).

Well here we are Hawks fans. Here we have the first rankings of the year 2014. Life has been tough for Hawks fans this past week or so after learning that Horford will be out for the season and, in addition, we suffered a loss due to a buzzer beater. Well, let's see where our team ranks in this weeks ranking.

First up Jason Patt of actually moves the Hawks up to the #14 spot. Maybe it's because he realizes that we didn't completely break down after a season-ending injury that happened to our best player.

The Hawks haven't exactly been lighting the world on fire since Al Horford went down, but they move up two spots thanks to the issues with the teams around them. Kyle Korver's three streak is still alive and now stands at 103 games.

Marc Stein of also moved the Hawks up a spot to #13.

How much longer can the Hawks hang on and keep themselves perched in the East's very exclusive Over .500 Club after losing Al Horford? My other question: Why not send Dennis Schroder back down to the D-League to entertain us all here in Reno if he's not needed in Atlanta this week?

John Schuhmann of drops us a spot but also says we were close to being 3-2 without Horford.

If it weren't for Andre Iguodala's game-winner on Friday, the Hawks would be 3-2 without Al Horford. Their 3-point shooting (26 percent over the last three games) has taken a hit, but their defense has held up so far, though transition - they've allowed 87 fast break points over the last four games - has been an issue. With more teams creeping up behind them in the East, their schedule gets tougher.

Everybody's favorite troll Matt Moore of decides to mention how bad we are without Horford, but then moves us up a spot to #12.

This is the problem with losing Al Horford. They can't mount comebacks and they can't hold leads. Things could get worse before it gets better. So, they lose, basically.

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports keeps us at #11 and mentions our upcoming schedule.

The Hawks are 2-3 since losing Al Horford to injury. With a tough schedule ahead, Atlanta could soon slip to a losing record.

Jimmy Spencer of gives us a best case and worst case scenario as he drops us to #11.

Best: Everything is relative in the East, and playing slightly above .500 all season long has the Hawks positioned in that third spot out East. Playing at this pace could actually result in home-court advantage in the first round.

Worst: That pace may not be possible after what could be a season-ending injury to Al Horford. It drops them in the rankings too.

Matt Dollinger of drops us to #15 and reminds of the bad news this team and fans have suffered from in the past couple of weeks.

The Hawks are 2-3 since losing Al Horford to a season-ending pectoral injury, including Friday's defeat to the Warriors on Iguodala's game-winning three-pointer at the buzzer. But Atlanta will be hard-pressed to stay afloat long term without the versatile two-time All-Star big man.

Finally, the guys over at drop us to #12 but actually says something else besides the buzzer beater or the Horford injury.

Pero Antic has earned the title of most anonymous starter in the NBA.

Well that's it for this weeks ranking. I originally thought that we would have taken more of a hit in the rankings, but we seem to stay in the mid to lower teens. My best guess is that this could be a combination of how bad the east is and that the team play is so good that we don't appear lifeless without Horford. As always, let me know what you guys think of the ranking in the comments.

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