Top 50 Atlanta Hawks of All Time (30-21)


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If you would like to see the previous installments, go here: 50-41, 41-30

Thanks to all who keep correcting my many mistakes. Writing these during Sunday Brunch has an effect (booze) that even Ask Jeeves can't solve. Now let's all get drunk and play ping-pong!, let's get down to business.

Here is where things will get hairy. Feel free to tell me how much I suck in the comments...

30. Jon Koncak (1985-95; 4070.64)

Most famous for ushering in the "big contract" era of the NBA, Jon Koncak is a very under-appreciated Hawk. Holding down the center position for 10 years in Atlanta, Koncak's only issue was that he was tall and very, very un-athletic. In his time as a Hawk, he averaged 4.6 points, 5 rebounds and 1 block. The sad thing is that he is he will always be remembered for his huge (at the time) contract (6 years, $13 million) instead of his actually good defense. Possibly overpaid, he was a huge piece of Hawk history for better or worse. Fun fact: When he got his contract, he made more than Magic, Jordan and Bird.


No...I am NOT Will Ferrell...or WCW's Sting.

29. Grant Long (1994-96, 1998-99; 4152.36)

Added as a throw-in to the Steve Smith for Kevin Willis trade, Grant Long was an amazing role player for the Hawks. Averaging 12 points and 8 rebounds per game, Grant was a true "lunch pail" guy. He rebounded like an animal, could pass like a boss, and even hit a few threes along the way. Was quite a soldier playing alongside Ken Norman and Tyrone Corbin. Fun Facts: He is the nephew of John Long and the Cousin of Terry Mills. You can currently see him on Oklahoma City Broadcasts as a color analyst.


But seriously...those biceps...

28. Spud Webb (1985-1991,1995-96; 4557.75)

Anthony Jerome Webb. Where to begin? All-time awesome Hawk. Dunk Contest winner. Hero to all short guys on the planet (Me). Seriously…he beat Dominique in a dunk contest in his hometown. Holy god. Spud was a good mid-range shooter but his best years came with Sacto after he was traded unceremoniously to the Kings for Travis Mays. Seriously…Travis Mays. Came back to ATL and was traded yet again to the T-Wolves. An underrated point guard, he is a very under-appreciated Hawk. Spud Webb did way more than dunk, and it is a shame that is all he will be remembered for.

27. Steve Hawes (1976-82; 4558)

Steve was a 6’9" center (!) and never really made a huge impact, although he hilariously played 10 years in the NBA. Playing for Houston, Portland, Atlanta and Seattle, he actually did average 14 points and 10 rebounds for the Hawks. Very forgettable in Hawks history, but his nephew is Spencer Hawes. So there’s that.

26. Randy Wittman (1983-88; 4579.16)

My most vivid memory of Randy is from the 1988 playoffs against the Celtics…did he ever miss?? An absolute sniper for the Hawks, Randy was a major piece of the ATL glory years. His 10 points per game don’t seem like a lot, but they were the glue in a high-scoring circus of basketball. Randy was instrumental in four playoff appearances for the Hawks, averaging 13 points and shooting 54% from the field. You can now see Randy and his hilariously huge head about to be fired as the head coach of the Washington Wizards.

25. Christian Laettner (1995-98; 4606.77)

Often forgotten and probably loathed by the "HE’S A DOOKIE" crew, Laettner was an amazing Hawk. Famously picked for the original "Dream Team" over Shaq, he had a pretty solid NBA career. Strangely, the Hawks made a shrewd move by trading the expiring contracts of Andrew Lang and Spud Webb, and what they got was 16 points and 8 rebounds per game. He even made an All-Star team in a Hawks jersey! He then went to the Pistons and Wizards where he failed THREE drug tests. Ironically enough, he ended his career in a Heat uniform next to Shaq, making the circle of life complete. Currently, Christian is an assistant coach for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants…whatever the hell that is.


Dear ATL_Paul: I know you love me.

24. Mahdi Abdul-Rahman (1968-71; 4731.6)

Thought you’d recognize all the names from here on out? Nope.

You may know him by his real name, Walt Hazzard, and he was quite a good Hawk. Three seasons in the ATL averaging 14 points and 6 assists, he was a pillar of good basketball. All three years in Atlanta, he went to the playoffs. My favorite part about Walt was the fact he changed his name to somehing Islam, then realized he couldn’t sell it and made his stage name "Walt Hazzard". Selling out your god for marketing is awesome.

23. Dikembe Mutombo (1996-2001; 4856.25)

Possibly most famous for the Gold Club trial and his immortal quote, "WHO WANTS TO SEX MUTOMBO!?", Deke was a massive free agent signing that nobody saw coming. He was an awesome center, averaging 11.9 points and 12.6 rebounds in five years. During his tenure in Atlanta, he won two Defensive Player Of The Year awards in addition to a few Defensive First Team nominations. His boisterous personality and finger wag were the toast of the town during his reign. He was traded to the Sixers in 2001 for Theo Ratliff and went to the NBA Finals shortly after.


But seriously...those uniforms...

22. Cliff Levingston (1984-90; 4983.92)

I know I am probably over-rating him, but this guy is in the forefront of every Hawk fan that was around in the 1980s. Cliff never put up huge numbers, but was a big part of the teams that wreaked havoc on the late-80s NBA. Six seasons for the Hawks, he played 25+ minutes per game, averaged 8.9 points and a very decent 6.9 rebounds. He went to the playoffs four out of six years and was a major player in the 1988 team that should have won a title, if not for the cheating Celtics. Fun Fact: In 1986, while playing for the Hawks, Levingston had the rare distinction of "fouling into" an NBA game in a game. After Nique, Spud, Willis, Hastings and Levingston fouled out and Doc Rivers was ejected, the Hawks were down to only four players. Under an obscure rule, Levingston, the last player to foul out, was allowed to come back into the game at the cost of a technical foul.

21. Richie Guerin (1963-70; 5410.8)

Hall of Famer Richie Guerin is a mostly forgotten member of the Atlanta family. Playing his formidable years in the NBA for St Louis/Atlanta, Richie proceeded to dump in 13 points and 4.5 assists for the Hawks. He took the Hawks to SIX playoff berths and was a major piece of the team in the dawn of Disco. He played as a player/coach with Pettit, Hudson, and WIlkens. He was named Coach Of The Year in 1968-69. Do yourself a favor and research this guy, Hawk fans. He was amazing.

You want excitement? You want adventure? Tune in next week when we delve into the top 20! I promise it will be like a dozen orgasms!

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