The Top 50 Atlanta Hawks of All Time (40-31)



If you have not seen the first installment (and the rules), please click Here.

Just in case you were completely bored and questioning life...Here are the next ten all-time great Atlanta Hawks! (According to me)

40. Herm Gilliam (1971-1975; 2740.6)

Hailing from the basketball Mecca that is the state of Indiana, the late (2005) Herm Gilliam (nickname: "Bitty") is a forgotten footnote in the annals of Hawks history. Sharing the backcourt with the likes of Lou Hudson and Pistol Pete will make you not only successful, but also a distant memory in the scheme of things. Herm played four seasons in Atlanta, averaging a respectable 12.5 points, 4.3 rebounds and 4.9 assists. He shot 45% from the floor and 83% from the free throw line. Perhaps the ultimate "glue guy". Admittedly got a bump via 2 playoff appearances. Fun fact: Was traded to the Hawks while on his honeymoon.

39. Jim Davis (1968-1972; 2932.5)

No, not the "Garfield" guy. Jim Davis is a player who nobody will ever remember. He was a 6’9" center who actually stuck around in the NBA for 10 years. He played 5 years in St. Louis/Atlanta averaging 8.7 points and 6.7 rebounds. Made the playoffs in 4 out of his 5 years as a Hawk, which gave him a tremendous bump up in the list. Not a whole lot going on here, but I bet there are Kwame Browns out there that would kill for this type of average career.

38. Jim Washington (1971-1975; 3081)

James "Jumpin’ Jimmy" Washington was picked 6th overall by the St. Louis Hawks in the 1965 draft. A Philly guy, he played his rookie season in St. Louis and then bolted for the Chicago Bulls. He kicked around in Chicago and Philly for a while and eventually came back to the Atlanta Hawks for 4 seasons. Hawks career totals: 9.5 points, 8.4 rebounds. Finished his NBA career with over 6,600 rebounds. Not bad. His standing was bumped a tad by 3 playoff appearances.

37. Mike Bibby (2007-2011; 3164.58)

"The Bibster"! Acquired in a trade for the Pu-Pu Platter that was Shelden Williams, Anthony Johnson, Lorenzen Wright and Tyronn Lue…wait, did Billy Knight actually make a GOOD trade? It appears so! Bibby came to the ATL and immediately upgraded the sagging point guard problems on offense. Possibly most famous for telling Mike Woodson to stop drawing up plays that left Josh Smith open with no other choices, Bibby brought an acumen that was sorely missing in the organization. Averaged a modest 11.7 points and 4.5 assists in Atlanta, yet Bibby was a rudder that the ship was missing. He trudged through bad coaching and questionable teammates in the twilight of his career. Very under-appreciated Hawk.

36. Zaza Pachulia (2005-2013; 3502)

Writing this while watching Zaza toil with the Bucks is quite hurtful. Zaza Pachulia is probably the quintessential "fan favorite" when it comes to all-time Hawks (Apologies to Pero Antic, Mario West and Ivan Johnson). Zaza was signed by the Atlanta Hawks (2005) to a very modest contract and became the probably the toughest guy to ever put on a Hawks uniform. Most famous for his abilities to run restaurants and getting in Kevin Garnett’s head, he coined the term "NOTHING EASY" in a moment of Drago-esque fan-trolling. His numbers aren’t eye-popping (7.8 points, 5.3 rebounds), but this guy brought it every time he stepped on the court. Watching he and Horford have the time of their lives was worth the price of admission. Not bad for a second-round pick.

35. Tyrone Corbin (1994-1999; 3637.92)

Quick! Name a memorable Tyrone Corbin moment….I’ll wait…..Trick question. You cannot do it. Somehow Tyrone Corbin lasted from 1985 until 2001 in the NBA and is a very much forgotten journeyman. Played a combined 4 seasons in Atlanta, averaged 8.4 points and 3.8 rebounds. Now a coach, but as a player, he was just…there. Vastly helped by the four playoff seasons, although one of those was the 1999 lockout season that ended with a whimper against the Knicks who went 8th seeded and eventually Ewing-less to the Finals.

34. Moses Malone (1988-1991; 3644.82)

An unquestioned Hall Of Famer, Moses Malone played for an astonishing ELEVEN professional teams and actually spanned three decades between the ABA and NBA (75-95). Won a ring with the 76ers, was a multiple MVP with the Rockets, and just never stopped being awesome. The "Chairman of the Boards" (this is the best nickname ever) was signed by the Hawks prior to the 88-89 season and was a huge impact player immediately averaging 16.5 points and 10 rebounds per game in the Red and Gold. Wrap your mind around this: He was THIRTY-THREE YEARS OLD when the Hawks signed him. That is amazing. His best season in Atlanta was 20.2 points and 11.8 boards. In his thirties. Holy Moses! Do yourself a favor and look up his career stats. This guy was flat-out amazing.


Hall of Fame goggles happened. I swear.

33. Jeff Teague (2009-Present; 3782.68)

Five years from now we will either see Jeff in the top-ten Hawks or as a guy we traded too hastily. One of few current Hawks on this list, Teague has been a huge head scratcher in his career for the Red and Gold. Drafted 19th overall out of Wake Forest, Teague would show some flashes of ability, but was marred by a Paterno-esque coaching philosophy by Mike Woodson (don’t play young guys). Since getting the starting job, he has improved in his points and assists every season, and is now a borderline All-Star. As I said before, we almost need to re-visit this one in five years, but for now, Teague is climbing the ranks as an all-time great Hawk.

32. Tom McMillan (1977-1983; 3901.92)

Perhaps the whitest guy to ever play in the NBA (sorry, Shawn Bradley), Tom McMillen’s career was almost average. A 6’11" center, he averaged 8.5 points and 4.5 rebounds in his time in the Dirty South. Born in Mansfield, PA (PA PROUD!), he was considered the biggest recruit ever by coach Lefty Driesell for University of Maryland, beating out Dean Smith at UNC. He would play ten years in the ABA/NBA before becoming a U.S. Congressman from the state of Maryland from 1987-1993. Took a huge leap in this list for making the payoffs for four years in the late 70s to early 80s. Fun fact: I played youth soccer with his nephews (he was with the Washington Bullets at the time).


Seriously...the whitest thing that ever happened. Knee AND elbow pads??

31. John Battle (1985-1991; 4069.85)

John Battle played for only two teams in his 10-year NBA career: Atlanta and Cleveland. A 6’2" shooting guard, he embodied the term "career backup" averaging 9.3 points off the bench for the Hawks. He was a fourth (!) round pick out of Rutgers and was a true diamond in the rough. The Hawks let him walk after 6 seasons as a free agent. He moved up a bunch of spots in this list by piggy-backing FIVE playoff years with the Hawks. Fun Fact: He played while suffering from Hepatitis-B. Bonus fun fact: Married to R&B singer Regina Belle.

Tune in next week: Who is in the next ten? Who will be honored to be on my list? How many beers have you had?

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