Al Horford Trade Proposal: Hawks-Suns-Cavs-Knicks

Hawks: Al Horford for Thompson, Shumpert, Gee + 2014 1st (Pacers)
The Hawks appear to be on the mediocrity treadmill because they have two groups of mismatched players.

proven vets (Horford, 27/Korver, 32/Lou Williams, 27 in Oct./Millsap, 28) and
promising youth (Teague, 25/Jenkins, 22/Schroeder, rook/Nogueira, rook)

The main problem is Horford will be leaving his prime when the younger players collectively enter theirs. Following this deal, the Hawks would have an excellent 25-or-younger core and the opportunity to move up in a loaded 2014 draft.


Suns: Goran Dragic, Caron Butler, PJ Tucker, 2014 1st (Pacers) + 2015 1st (Lakers) for Horford, Felton + Prigioni
The future would be Bledsoe-Horford-Len.

Bledsoe/Brown/Marcus Morris/Horford/Gortat
Marshall/Felton/Prigioni/Goodwin/Green/Beasley/Markieff Morris/Frye/Plumlee/Len

Cavs: Tristan Thompson + Alonzo Gee for Butler, Tucker + 2015 1st (Lakers)
Fear the Sword just had a nice article on Jack. He was so good from midrange last year, and the author pointed out that Curry-Klay helped him get to 45%. The Cavs don’t have many floor-spacers, however. Butler immediately provides that corner threat, and he’s got years left to contribute. Mike Brown can put together a 2nd unit of Jack-Tucker-Clark-Bennett-Zeller. The Cavs are overall a tougher and deeper team after this trade. And with the pick, if Bynum crashes and burns they’ll have an extra option.


Knicks: Iman Shumpert, Raymond Felton + Pablo Prigioni for Dragic
The Knicks badly need a PG upgrade. Shumpert should be a long-term piece for them, but what is the point of keeping him if they lose once more early in the playoffs and Melo leaves? Metta and Bargnani together offer much of what Shumpert provides. The Knicks still need a third or fourth scorer who doubles as a competent, steady distributor, and Dragic can fulfill both roles. With him the Knicks would have a fighting chance in the playoffs against Deron Williams, John Wall or Derrick Rose.

Udrih/Hardaway Jr/Stoudemire/Bargnani/Martin

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