Summer League Game 2

Hawks Summer League Game 2


Nogueira looked shaky defensively in the first half. It is obvious that he will have to add weight to his frame, but it looked like he wasn't mentality there in the first half. He wasn't rotating with any enthusiasm at all. I think Snyder and Hawks staff had to give him a wake up call. He played much better in the second half. Vernado made a couple of baskets on him with post moves, but Nogueira stepped it up and effected plays with his length and forced some turnovers. It was a good sign that he was coachable enough to respond in the second half the way he did, and he played with a lot more energy. The guy has loads of potential and I am excited to watch him grow as an NBA player.

Of course the 1st half was real sloppy on both ends of the court. The Hawks weren't play with any energy or any purpose offensively or defensively. Shcroder tried to do too much. The one consistent player for the Hawks seems to be Mike Scott. He made some nice moves to get to the rim, knocked a couple of jumpers down, and had a couple of good post-ups and finishes at the basket. He also was a force on the glass. I am really starting to come around on Mike Scott. Had a debate last night with some people on whether he could play some at the 3 for the Hawks. I think he can, the only question being can he defend the 3 position, especially in the Eastern Conference. What do yall think?

Schroder looked very impressive defensively. He caused havoc on the Heat guards the entire second half. He got four steals but caused more turnovers because of his pressure defensively. He seemed to have improved on his defensive performance from the other night. He also was more poised in the second half offensively.

Jenkins played well. He was only 6-14 from the field but I like his aggressiveness. He also shot the ball well in the 2nd half. When he gets his feet set, he is almost automatic from deep. Watching the guy shoot a lot on film, he has a tough time shooting off the dribble because he doesn't get his feet set. When he is cutting off screens and on set shots his feet get set and he is pretty automatic.

I really liked what Muscala did on both ends of the floor. He was real impressive defensively with a few blocks and solid boards. He understands defensive rotations.

We are in a different situation to a lot of teams during summer league. First, we have a new coaching staff, and significant part of that staff on the bench with our summer league team. It has been great to see of the stuff we are going to do during the season. Also, we have a lot of important pieces actually playing so it has fun to breakdown there game. Going forward, Noguiera, Shcroder, Jenkins, Scott, and Muscala are going to be solid pieces to the Hawks competing for a championship one day.

"I love you guys."

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