Hawks Summer League Opener

Hawks Nation,

This is my first fan post on this site since I started following PeachTree Hoops. I think this is by far the best site for Hawks information, as well the best place for well informed and knowledgeable insight. With that said I just wanted to offer my breakdown of our first summer league game.


There were a lot of positives to come out of the first summer league out of the new direction of the Hawks, and under the leadership of Coach Bud. Our transition offense is going to be fun to watch. Not only on fast breaks, but when we transition into our offense, it looks like we are going to get a lot of good looks out of initial cuts and first few passes. We scored the first couple of possessions because of the looks we got out of our transition offense. The other thing that was very noticeable was how we were cutting. When we transition into our offense, and into a set play, or even into a ball screen situation, our guys were cutting and screening with a purpose. We were moving the basketball from side to side, our players were cutting hard, screening hard, and moving without the basketball very well.

John Jenkins looks like he is ready to produce this year. The way he moved without the basketball is something that he needed to master. He was very good at Vandy, but he needed to have that translate to the NBA to have successful career. He moved well out of our sets, and out UOB plays. He used the screens wisely and scored a lot of these plays. I was real impressed with his game last night.

Schroder and Nogueira had some good moments. Schroder looks very poised in transition, has good court vision and looks to be good in the PNR game, which it looks like will be a huge part of our offense. He will adjust and finish at the rim and in transition, but setting the tone for the game, controlling tempo, pushing in transition and setting up the offense are all things he seems to have a grasp on. Nogueira has a load of potential. He affected a ton of shots, rebounded well and runs the court very well. He also looks good coming off the PNR with Schroder. Very excited about these two.

I thought Muscala and Scott played very well. Scott looks the part, and had a very good game. Muscala will be able to stretch the floor at the 4, be a good PNP player, and will be a glue guy for years to come.


The main thing is defense. Our defensive rotations were not very good last night. Again I know its summer league but this of course will be something the young guys and the returners pick up on when we start the season. We didn't rotate very well covering the pick n roll and when our post players would help off the drive, no one was rotating over to help the helper on box outs. Schroder is going to have to adjust to all the high ball screens he is going to have fight through, as well as our bigs are going to have to do a better job of communication.

These things will come. I thought it was a positive night for us. I will offer my opinion (not that it matters) after the game tomorrow.

"You gotta make em chuck it from the cheap seats."

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