2013 NBA Free Agency: Hawks Salary Cap Update

Kevin C. Cox

More updates as league sources tell Peachtree Hoops about renouncements, roster update.

Per league sources telling Peachtree Hoops, here is the latest Hawks cap news:

The Hawks have renounced the following players from their cap holds:

Johan Petro

Zaza Pachulia

Devin Harris

Dahntay Jones

They also renounced Josh Smith, but that was a formality before Josh signed with Detroit earlier today.

Devin Harris and Zaza Pachulia have agreements with the Mavericks and Bucks, respectively, but since those contracts had not been signed as yet, the Hawks had to renounce them to sign Paul Millsap this morning.

Sources also told us that Ivan Johnson (1.2M), Anthony Tolliver (884K) and Jeff Teague (6M) had not been renounced.

Also, DeShawn Stevenson (2.24M), Shelvin Mack (900K) and Mike Scott (800K) have not been released as yet, per league sources.

Here now is the latest Hawks roster and cap situation:

Al Horford: 12.0M

Paul Millsap: 9M (assumed starting point of 2 year, 19 million dollar deal)

Kyle Korver: 5.4M (assumed starting point of reported 4 year, 24 million dollar deal)

Lou Williams: 5.22M

John Jenkins: 1.258M

Jared Cunningham: 1.208M

Lucas Nogueira: 1.4M (Draft slot hold)

Dennis Schroeder: 1.3M (Draft slot hold)

DeShawn Stevenson: 2.24M

Mike Scott: 800K

Shelvin Mack: 900K

Mike Muscala: ~500K (based on Mike Scott 2012-13)

Jeff Teague: 6M (Cap Hold only)

Ivan Johnson: 1.2M (Cap Hold only)

Anthony Tolliver: 884K (Cap Hold only)

Jeremy Tyler: 100K (released but this is cap hit)

Salary Cap: 58.679M
Total Salary and Holds: 49.426

The Hawks currently have 9.253M to spend on the first year of any free agent. Tolliver's 887K cap hold was a surprise and the Hawks have not yet signed DeMarre Carroll to his contract yet.

The Usual Other stuff:

The Hawks can release all non-guaranteed deals without penalty and renounce all remaining cap holds, if needed.

They also can use the Room Exception to sign a free agent, which starts at 2.6M maximum. This could inevitably be used to sign Carroll, should the Hawks need to.

So the Hawks could free up enough space to get another 12M free from the cap, if wanted. Or another 6M, bringing their first year number to ~15M and still have the rights to go over the cap to either sign Teague or sign and trade him.

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