Looking at all the Hawks options for a Center

As you all know, one of the main things that the Hawks have needed for the longest has been a center. Al Horford had been playing out of position for his whole career, and that should change with the new Danny Ferry era. There should be no reason why the Hawks don't fix this problem with all the cap space they will have and them owning 4 draft picks.

Therefore, let's look at all the Hawks options for a center:

2013 Draft:

Marco Todorovic C 6'11 240 Barcelona 21
Kelly Olynyk C 7'0" 234 Gonzaga 22
Gorgui Dieng C 6'11" 230 Louisville 23
Steven Adams C 7'0" 255 Pittsburgh 19
Mason Plumlee PF/C 7'0" 238 Duke 23
Rudy Gobert C 7'2" 238 France 20
Lucas Nogueira C 6'11" 215 Brazil 20
Jeff Withey C 7'0" 222 Kansas 23
Brandon Davies PF/C 6'9 235 BYU 22
Mike Muscala C 6'7" 230 Bucknell 21
Colton Iverson C 7'0" 263 Colorado State 22

Free Agency Route:

Re-sign Zaza Pachulia

Re-sign Johan Petro (could be starter or backup; depends on Hawks other moves)

Dwight Howard

Andrew Bynum

Nikola Pekovic (Restricted Free Agent)

Al Jefferson

Chris Kaman

Nazr Mohammed (not starting caliber; could be a decent backup)

Timofey Mozgov (Restricted Free Agent)

Marreese Speights (Player Option)

Ronny Turiaf

Samuel Dalembert

Greg Stiemsma

Robin Lopez (Non-Guaranteed; Pelicans could elect to release him)

Tiago Splitter (Restricted Free Agent)

Emeka Okafor (Early Termination Option)

Also things/trades to consider:

1. Omer Asik - If the Hawks strike out on Dwight, and the Rockets end up getting him, they'll be looking to move Asik. The Hawks could easily make a trade for him.

2. Marcin Gortat - Gortat wants out of Phoenix and with the Suns be most likely making a run at Josh Smith in free agency, they could trade Gortat for Smith in a sign-and-trade. They toyed with making a trade during the season, but ultimately it didn't pan out. The Hawks still could reopen those talks if things start going wrong with their main targets/goals.

3. Kendrick Perkins - Probably highly unlikely but the Hawks do need some low post defense and Horford needs some rebounding help. With the Thunder looking to draft Perkin's successor, they could possibly amnesty him which leaves the Hawks in position to swipe him up and not have to pay his whole salary. They could trade for him, but that would be a very risky and probably unpopular decision. Perkins would be their guy "Dwight, Hibbert, Lopez, etc. Stopper".

Just some things to think about my fellow Hawks Nation

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