Ranking the Draft Prospects according to the college ASPM

ASPM = Adjusted Statistical Plus/Minus. This is a pretty good stat that tells about a player's impact made when he is on the floor vs when he is off the floor.

The data was collected from this website: NCAA ASPM

  1. Victor Oladipo, SG, Indiana -- 13.03
  2. Trey Burke, PG, Michigan -- 11.61
  3. Kelly Olynyk, C/PF, Gonzaga -- 11.27
  4. Nerlens Noel, C/PF, Kentucky -- 11.23
  5. Otto Porter, SF, Georgetown -- 10.99
  6. Arsalan Kazemi, PF, Oregon -- 10.65
  7. Cody Zeller, C/PF, Indiana -- 10.59
  8. Jeff Withey, C, Kansas -- 10.20
  9. Gorgui Dieng, C, Louisville -- 10.12
  10. Mike Muscala, C, Bucknell -- 9.99
  11. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG, Georgia -- 9.84
  12. CJ McCollum, PG/SG, Lehigh -- 9.83
  13. DJ Stephens, SF, Memphis -- 9.19
  14. Mike Hart, SG, Gonzaga -- 9.17
  15. Pierre Jackson, PG, Baylor -- 9.03
  16. Shane Larkin, PG, Miami -- 8.90
  17. Mason Plumlee, C, Duke -- 8.83
  18. Steven Adams, C, Pittsburgh -- 8.77
  19. Zeke Marshall, C, Akron -- 8.75
  20. Tray Woodall, PG, Pittsburgh -- 8.75
  21. Tyrus McGee, PG, Iowa State -- 8.74
  22. Erick Green, PG, Virginia Tech -- 8.71
  23. Michael Carter-Williams, PG, Syracuse -- 8.57
  24. Nate Wolters, PG, South Dakota State -- 8.44
  25. James Southerland, SF, Syracuse -- 8.35
  26. Devante Gardner, PF, Marquette -- 8.32
  27. Ryan Kelly, PF, Duke -- 8.31
  28. Taylor Smith, SG, Stephen F. Austin -- 8.26
  29. Elias Harris, PF, Gonzaga -- 8.26
  30. Alex Oriakhi, PF/C, Missouri -- 8.22
  31. Jared Berggren, C, Wisconsin -- 8.13
  32. Pierce Hornung, SG, Colorado State -- 8.07
  33. Andre Roberson, SF/PF, Colorado -- 8.07
  34. Romero Osby, SF/PF, Oklahoma -- 8.01
  35. Travis Releford, SG, Kansas -- 7.98
  36. Ben McLemore, SG, Kansas -- 7.92
  37. Reggie Bullock, SG/SF, North Carolina -- 7.89
If you look at the Hawks prospects from last year's draft, Mike Scott was 11th in the draft in ASPM while John Jenkins was 13th in ASPM.
ASPM is a good way to determine value of a player. A great example is Mike Scott. He was overlooked by most NBA teams, and the Hawks grabbed him in the 2nd round of the draft. Now, the Hawks have themselves a cheap rotational player that they can potentially pay a small salary to over his first four years and is just as productive if not more productive than any veteran player they can sign for the league minimum. Scott was overlooked because he was a 6th year senior who wasn't the biggest, fastest, or most athletic. He was a hard worker though that obviously helped his team when he was on the floor.
John Jenkins is the same way. He was a junior entry, but teams overlooked his ability to shoot because he wasn't the most athletic nor the longest player at the position. Now, he may be coming into his second season as the starting shooting guard for the Hawks and at the very least looks like a good rotational guard.
One guy that ranks very high on this list that will likely be available in the second round is Arslan Kazemi from Oregon. This guy is a rebounding machine, and the Hawks have shown some interest in him.

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