Why Atlanta Hawks Are the Frontrunners to Dwight SweepStakes.

I don't know why you guys have so little fans here but if Danny Ferry plays his cards right, you guys are looking at a huge incoming windfall.

First, we look at the probability of Dwight leaving Los Angeles. You're gonna right a lot of assumed conclusions without listing the proofs/axioms so you're going to have to do some induction (take a leap of faith). I'll list out the Axioms so if it's wrong, you'll see where the reasoning went wrong.

Induction 1: The longer D'antoni isn't fired, the more likely it is that Howard will leave.

It's really looking like Buss Jr. is gonna dare Dwight leave a big market city and give up the maximum money. They aren't going to do a sign and trade as that necessitates a Kobe Amnesty. And they def. wouldn't give him to the Clippers. The Lakers gave up Bynum for him--the resulting PR of 'ungrateful' would harm Howard's career. If Dwight is to leave, he's going to need a strong narrative. Since Atlanta is his hometown, the Hawks is the only team out there that can provide that narrative.

Induction 2: Atlanta Hawks have the most capspace to allow Howard free reign over who his 3rd teammate is.

The first one being Horford (he is underpaid and playing the wrong position for the Hawks btw). So if Howard wants to play with CP3...and that seems to be the case. And if CP3 wants veteran defensive bigs (separate work that I've done but very well documented from good sources as well as my own validated analysis.), that will be ghe Hawks.

The core of CP3, Horford, and Howard is very feasible.


Dwight has two choices. The first being the Laker's Promise of Patience. The team will be built according to dwight's strengths in 2014. But Dwight has to withstand the year of 2013 sucking. But he has no real guarantee of that. Assuming that his beef with D'antoni is real (induction #1), then he can't even get that guy fired, much less have control over any future destiny. The Lakers might resign Kobe and then he'd be up the creek having signed a long contract. The major thing is that if Lakers miss out on playoffs in 2013...they aren't gonna blame Kobe. It's all on Dwight.

The second choice is to leave. It's less money but not much so. The Bad News Bears in this situation is the resulting bad PR of being ungrateful to the Lakers.

the Hawks also lack an elite defender, which is a no-no in the eastern conference especially in the Lebronapocalyptic era.

While the Lakers Eventuality is still the top spot in my matrix, the Atlanta Hawks are a close second with the Clippers a wildly distant third. (The Clippers have their own set of proofs, and their desperate need for a veteran big is tied directly to their even more desperate need to keep Chris Paul.)


Neither Chris Paul nor Howard are going to make move until July 10th where the new cap is reviewed and they can see how much maximum money they can get, should they both jump over to a new team. A larger cap is only going to help the Hawks. I would explain this but this is already a 500 count essay. Too much.

Danny Ferry already has a Playoffs-experienced x and o's guy in Mike Budenholzer (Popovich's much lauded right hand man). He has the cap space to sign howard and the additonal flexibility to sign whoever Howard WANTS, even chris paul. If they both decide to take less, they can then go after an elite defender. Iguodala fits the bill but is way too costly. Maybe sign both Aminu and Dorell Wright so that they can take turns guarding lebron.

In any case, the Hawks are in a fantastic and flexible cap situation. They don't have to rush anything. When July 10th comes, i believe the Hawks will be neck and neck with the Lakers if not slightly favored depending on what Kupchak or Ferry maneuver in the interim.


PS* I also think jeff teague should be cut regardless of the outcome of Dwightstakes 2013.

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