Pacers Community Mock - My Picks for the Hawks!

Hello fellow Atlant-ians. Just made that up I think.

Anywho, I'm a Pacer fan living in Atlanta. I recently did a community mock Draft picking the Hawks. Just made my picks, but wanted to pass it along and see how you all would feel if these two players were in fact the one's picked at the Draft.

I've started to watch the Hawks a tiny bit more over the past couple of years, and while I can't say I know all there is to know about the Hawks, I'm getting there. They are quickly becoming my 2nd favorite team.

Really difficult to try to predict what will actually happen. Truly hope the Hawks make good picks or trade(s).

#17 - Gorgui Dieng, C, Louisville
#18 - Glen Rice Jr, SF/SG, Georgia Tech/Rio Grande Valley (DLeague)

The Hawks have just hired a new head coach, Mike Budenholzer, a long time assistant to coach Pop. It was a pretty fantastic hire for the Hawks (unlike the, sorry) "Bud" will usher in a new reign and follow the San Antonio way, preaching defense and fundamentals.

I will say right now that I don't think CP3 or Howard will be making their presence felt in the Highlight Factory come next season. So my decisions in who I drafted reflect that below.

Atlanta Hawks are going to be a completely different team next season. A total of 7 players are FA, including Josh Smith, who can kiss his *** goodbye. It's very doubtful the others 6 will remain either. Another 2 are RFA, Jeff Teague and Ivan Johnson, should both return.

Hawks have a lot of needs, so let's take a look at each position.

C - None. Zaza and Petro are FA. Horford WILL be moving back to PF, his natural position, that's a guarantee. C is the greatest need.
PF - Horford(starter) and Mike Scott. I really think Ivan Johnson will be brought back and can play some C too. He's very foul prone, so a backup PF isn't out of the question. Don't know much about Mike Scott, but he was the Hawk's 2nd round pick last season...maybe he can earn more minutes. PF isn't a need.
SF - DeShawn Stevenson. Stevenson at this point in his career is a good defensive backup, but he's no starter. SF is a big need.
SG - Lou Williams and John Jenkins. Lou Williams spent most of the season on the DL. He's more of a combo guard, but at 6'1", you really would prefer someone with more height to play SG major minutes. John Jenkins was the Hawks 1st round pick last season and can really shoot the ball. Could end up being the starter next season.
PG - Shelvin Mack. Jeff Teague will be re-signed and a contract close to what the Pacer's George Hill received last off season. Mack is a serviceable backup, so pg isn't a huge need.

Hawks were leaning toward Rudy Gobert and Gorgui Dieng with 1 of their first rounders. They want a low post defender. The Hawks know they'll need someone to push around Hibbert of the Pacers and keep the Heat players from scoring in the paint. However, Gobert is still pretty raw and Dieng can bring it with defense...a perfect fit for the new look Hawks.

The next pick was not a simple one to make. Shabazz was still on the board as was Franklin. Shabazz can really score, however, the Hawks are going to want their players to play some D. Franklin has that ability and can really rebound the ball, but SG wasn't a top priority. Hawks don't want to skip a beat making the playoffs. While Franklin could be the pick, I just doubt it, when you look at FAs, there are plenty of really good SGs to be had, while SF isn't as deep.

Glen Rice Jr proved in the DLeague he was willing to play some D, and the guy can flat out shoot the ball. I think Rice would be a good fit for the Hawks.

C - Gorgui Dieng
PF - Al Horford
SF - Glen Rice Jr
SG - John Jenkins
PG - Jeff Teague

6th Man - Lou Williams
DeShawn Stevenson for some defense off the bench.

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