Danny Ferry and Coach Bud...... Josh or Al??? (or both???)

This is my first post, please forgive any mistakes haha

Just wanted to say how excited i am to be looking forward to the new season for our Atlanta Hawks with Coach Bud in charge and what Danny Ferry has worked hard to be able to now create..... A potentially great team thats focused on defense, player and ball movement where everyone from players to coach and gm are all on the same page and focused on being great and winning....

Now we know how most fans are split between Josh and Al... and who is better and who should stay and was just wondering what everyone else was thinking... and perhaps what we think Ferry and Coach Bud might be thinking...

Ill say Im a Josh Fan, hes part of the reason i started supporting the hawks a few years back, he can be frustrating as we all know, but can also be great.... he can make a thunderous dunk and get the crowds rocking or he can even do it with his defense which can also be frustrating and great.... Do we think Bud and Ferry with their new systems and culture can change our sometimes Good-Bad Josh into the Smoove that he should and can be???? Coach Bud seems to be a defensive minded coach and who better to help that than Smoove playing at his best... making steal and blocks that then transfer into offense where hopefully in a new system he would be taking more shoots in the paint??

But then theres Al Horford.... Hes consistent , plays a great game pretty much all the time and knows what he can do and plays to those strengths. Al is still under contract and from what we have seen in the press conferences with Bud and Ferry, Al seems to be their focus or centerpiece... And really who better than Al who is a competitor and plays with consistency and has improved year after year and is still fairly young too!! But will he be traded for that dream of a CP3, Dwight and Josh Studded line up???

Now we know there is Cap room issues in terms of FAs and signing perhaps CP3 or Dwight or Josh and still keeping Horford.... But thats not really what this is about... this is more bout thinking bout two of the best players ive ever seen... who have made our hawks good and great and perhaps whether this is truely the last year they will both be together or even in a Hawks uniform

Now lets all play nice :)

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