Unofficial Hawk Killers™

It's been a long time coming. As Hawks fans, we've seen our fair share of big games by mediocre NBA talent. Games that make you go, "Who in the hell is this and why can't we stop him!" We've also witnessed LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and other superstars of the league run roughshod over Atlanta's defense. Those guys do that to every team, so to make it "fair" they are excluded from the list. So without further ado, here are your unofficial Hawk killers

Starting at point guard



from Washington half man half amazing Nate "The Imp" Robinson. Nate Robinson is arguably pound for pound the greatest Hawks killer in the game today. Whether he's stroking it from the outside or driving past a slew of Hawks defenders to slam it home, Robinson has been a thorn in Atlanta's side for years. His game coupled with his demonstrative personality, it's no wonder why he his the "bane of existence" (Hawksdawgs!) to many fans. His point per game numbers may be pedestrian (14.6) but he's shooting 51% against the Hawks, the highest against any opponent. I don't have to remind you about the 41 point outburst off the bench for a terrible Knicks team. While his Hawk killing days seem to be behind him, as most of his big games came in a Knicks' uniform, he burned the Hawks for 20 points less than a week ago.

Starting at shooting guard



out of North Carolina, Tracy McGrady's cousin. I know I said there would be no superstars on the list, but Vince Carter has killed the Hawks well after the fuse blew in his spotlight. In a Raptors, Nets, or Magic uniform, Carter has tortured the poor souls of Hawks fans from Atlanta to Australia. Vince has battered the Hawks with some 40 points games and buzzer beaters. His highest total with the Magic against the Hawks came in, you guessed it, a playoff game. In his career, Carter is averaging a robust 22.9 ppg 5.5 rpg and 4.4 apg in 41 games against the Hawks on 48% shooting, the highest against any opponent.

Starting at small forward



out of Alabama, Gerald "Crash and Burn" Wallace. This is sort of a lifetime achievement award. As surprising as it may be, Gerald Wallace hasn't scored more than 9 points against the Hawks since he left the Bobcats. Injuries may have played a factor in this but I'm not complaining. During his days in the Queen City however, Gerald Wallace was a notorious Hawk killer. 16.6 points per game, may not seem like much, but Wallace was a force against the Hawks when the Bobcats were good at basketball. There was a stretch in 2007 when he dropped 24, 27, and 31 on the Hawks in 3 of the 4 games that season. Either put the mouthpiece in or take it out Gerald!

Starting a power forward



out of Argentina, Russell Brand Luis Scola. I know what you're thinking, so screw you and David West. I don't know if it's the hair or the 5 o'clock shadow, but every time Scola goes up against the Hawks he does yeoman's work. Picturing his beautiful black locks gently flowing as he dives for a loose ball makes me want to vomit. His point per game average is only a modest 14.6 but his teams have beaten the Hawks 6 out of 9 times and he has played a big part in many of them. The games in Houston the past few years went like this: Hawks down big make a huge run, Luis Scola dives for a loose ball, passes it to Kevin Martin, Martin hits a three. I am not looking forward to facing Phoenix this year.

Starting at center



out of Stanford, The Boy Wonder of Boards, The Rebounding Rogue Brook Lopez. That was a heavy dose a sarcasm. Brook Lopez can't rebound but the guy can score some points and he does it well against the Hawks. While his teams may not have been up to the Hawks level, Lopez routinely put up big numbers against Atlanta. The comic book aficionado is averaging 17.2 ppg on 54% shooting against Atlanta. Centers of the NBA are dying faster than my brain cells while listening to Jon Barry. It was difficult to find a center, not named Dwight Howard, that has put up big numbers against the Hawks. Lopez fits that bill.

The 6th man



out of Florida State, Al "Yes I killed your Hawks" Thornton. Please forgive me for that photo. I will say 27 Hail Zazas tonight before bed. Al Thornton is the prototypical Hawks assassin. Suck against everyone else, then rip the hearts out of Hawks fans and send them home into traffic. Maybe it was the extra motivation of being a Georgia native, maybe he hated birds, I don't know what it was but Al Thornton was a pain for Hawks fans. Thornton averaged 17.2 on 58% shooting. Both of those were by far his best against any team. If he played all his games against the Hawks Thornton would be a perennial MVP candidate and future Hall of Famer. Save your tears. Al Thornton is out of the league now so he can't hurt us anymore. The day he returns will be a sad day for Hawks basketball. Why shouldn't the Bobcats or Wizards sign him to play 4 games per season?

Honorable Mention

2009-2010 Orlando Magic

John Salmons: Whale, here we go. Salmons has always been a pain in Hawks fans' halibuts. In 2010, Salmons had a streak of 3 straight games with over 25 points against the Hawks. He's in the doldrums of Sacramento now. So hopefully we won't be herring from him anytime soon.

Kevin Martin: I mentioned Kevin Martin above, but he truly deserves his own section. You know that list that I just told you about with John Salmons and his 25 points? Well Kevin Martin is on it twice. That's two separate 3 game streaks of greater than 25 points.

Lou Williams: Thank you Danny Ferry

Devin Harris: Seriously where can I donate for the statue

David West: West's career high against the Hawks is 29, it just seems like more. The fact that his mid range game is practically automatic undoubtedly contributes to that. Another reason why West is named among the Hawk killer elites is because two of his biggest scoring games against Atlanta have come within the last calendar year

Hawk Killers in Waiting

Harrison Barnes, Kemba Walker, and Dion Waiters

Nets killer

Jeff Teague

Who are your Hawk killers?

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