All aboard the Mike Scott bandwagon



I don't know about the rest of you, but I really like what I'm seeing from Mike Scott. From the sparse minutes he's played, he's shown that he can consistently knock down the mid-range shot. He's also made some pretty nice passes. On the block, he battles hard and goes through the contact and to the basket. He's not perfect as he does make a few rookie mistakes (turnovers, defensive breakdowns). However, in his interviews (or at least in the one I've seen), he always talks about getting better on the defensive end and learning the schemes better. His hustle and his attitude are great attributes. He was originally playing the 4, but LD wants him to learn the 3 spot, which he did against Minnesota (11 points, 7 rebounds).

The reason I bring this up is because of impending reality of Josh Smith being traded. Personally, I would never want to see Smoove play anywhere else because he's my favorite player. However, I definitely understand (probably more than most people) the flaws in his game and the future implications that warrant the need to trade him. As much as I hate the idea of Josh Smith leaving, I've already tried to move on and accept it as a given. With that said, I would really like to see Ferry go after some future draft picks instead of settling for a low-level "star."

I want to see Mike Scott in a starting role (preferably at the 3, with Al at the 4) for this season so he can develop and show us if he's for real or not. He's a definitely a better shooter than Josh, but he does not demand the ball nearly as much. This allows Al to be more aggressive and gives Teague another (or better) option to run the pick-n-pop. Additionally, if we go with a the big lineup, Al moves to his natural position while Scott can possibly post up against a smaller defender (than he would if he played the 4). With Zaza or Petro manning the 5 spot, we could have 5 reliable mid-range shooters on the court at the same time (which would only make Teague that much more effective).

I know that, even with his generic single syllable names, Mike Scott cannot replace Josh Smith. However, I do not think Josh Smith needs to be replaced for this team to be successful. Teague has all-star potential. Horford is an established all-star player. Kyle Korver is a cyborg. This could be a Joe Johnson-like situation, where other players show that they can carry the team after he leaves. I don't want to say addition by subtraction because, unlike with Joe, I actually really like Josh Smith, and I feel like that would be insulting. Smoove has exemplified the identity of our team for the past 5 seasons (incredibly talented, incredibly inconsistent). I don't think I'm completely ready to move on from this era, but I am ready for more consistency. I am ready for a better attitude. I am ready for Mike Scott.

At worst, Mike Scott shows us that he's a solid bench player.

At best, Mike Scott shows us that he has the mid-range of Al, the passing skills of Josh, and the aggressiveness of Zaza. That's a pretty good starting front-court player in my book. Your thoughts?

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