Hawks Future Moves: 2013 Draft Analysis & Josh Smith Rumors

The Atlanta Hawks are in a great spot if you are an Atlanta Hawks fan. Danny Ferry has set the team up for multiple options and the potential is endless. It is nice as a Hawks fan to have all the money coming the books next year, having 2 1st round and 2nd round draft picks this year, and the possibility to signing some great talent in the offseason. Looking at the Hawks current position in the NBA draft there are some players that fit the Hawks plans better than others. I have included a list of the possible players the Hawks could draft this year and the guys I think the should draft. I have also included a list of the current rumors surrounding Josh Smith and the Atlanta Hawks.

2013 NBA Mock Draft

Atlanta Hawks 2013 pick: 16th & 19th

Potential Players:

- Glenn Robinson III 6'6" 210 SF

- Kentavious Caldwell Pope 6'5" 205 SG

- Dario Saric 6'10" 225 PF/C

- Isaiah Austin 7'0" 205 PF/C

- Kelly Olynyk 7'0" 240 PF/C

- Rudy Gobert 7'1" 230 C

- Alex Poythress 6'8" 240 SF/PF

- Archie Goodwin 6'4" 198 SG

- Victor Oladipo 6'4" 215 SG/SF

- Tony Mitchell 6'8" 235 SF/PF

The Hawks need a Center and they also need someone to fill the Small-Forward/Shooting Guard role. Here are my rankings of the 5 players they should look at first:

- Victor Oldaipo : A great defender and a relentless winner. He is long and athletic and has a will to win like our own Al Horford. You can't have too many of these type of players on your team. Continues to get better.

- Glenn Robinson III: The son of "Big Dog" Glenn Robinson. Has a great basketball pedigree, NBA ready body, efficient scorer, and is an unselfish player. Rates high on Defense, Ball Handling, and Potential.

- Alex Pythress: A 6'8" explosive athlete that can play inside and out. Shoots the 3 well and comes from UK where Calipari tends to prepare his guys for the NBA.

- Tony Mitchell: Another 6'8", long, explosive player. His defense is his most prized attribute. He blocks shots, creates turnovers, and is a great rebounder. Had a 20-20 game in college.

- Isaiah Austin: A 7'0" freshman that rates high on defense, size, and jump shot. Rebounds well and has the potential to be a huge body inside. I would have taken Kelly Olynyk here, but he seems to be an all offense type of player. It's concerning that a 7'0 240lb center only averages a little under 7 rebounds a game. Plus I don't trust Gonzaga players playing in the NBA (other than Stockton of course).

The key to my picks are based on defense, size, and potential. All of these guys rank high on defense and are also considered great team players. I believe drafting a combination of these players would set the Atlanta Hawks up well for the future.

Josh Smith Trade Rumors for February 20, 2013:

Zach Lowe: Would be very surprised, based on what I'm hearing, if Josh Smith is a Hawk after 3PM EST tomorrow. It's possible, of course. Twitter @ZachLowe_NBAThe Milwaukee Bucks continue to discuss Josh Smith trade scenarios with the Atlanta Hawks in advance of Thursday’s 3 p.m. trade deadline, according to sources with knowledge of the talks. But those discussions, sources say, also serve as a strong indication of the rising likelihood that Brandon Jennings will not be moved this week. reported Tuesday that Monta Ellis is the primary player Atlanta is targeting in its discussion with Milwaukee. Sources say that the Hawks, furthermore, want Milwaukee to add at least one expiring contract to the equation with Ellis and possibly take on some salary.

Chris Broussard: Josh Smith would like to play w/Monte Ellis & Brandon Jennings so Bucks trying to make trade w/out giving up Ellis. Twitter @Chris_Broussard

David Aldridge: League sources list Milwaukee, Washington, Brooklyn as most diligent on Josh Smith, but Danny Ferry keeping cards close to chest... Twitter @daldridgetnt

Engaged with multiple teams in trade talks for Josh Smith, the Hawks are struggling to get the assets they are seeking for the prospective free agent, league sources told Tuesday. Hawks GM Danny Ferry has told prospective trade partners he is not interested in taking back future salary and he won't do a deal "just to do it," one person familiar with the discussions said. The Hawks have been in conversations with many teams about the 27-year-old forward, with the most persistent conversations happening with the Suns, Bucks, Celtics and Nets.

Ferry has prioritized youth and multiple draft picks in talks for Smith, but in the NBA's new financial paradigm, potential trade partners are insisting on sending future salary to Atlanta with those assets, sources said. The deadlock could improve the Nets' chances of landing Smith and reuniting him with former Hawks teammate Joe Johnson, one of the sources said.

Marc J. Spears: Said an NBA executive on trade talk: "It's actually quiet. Everyone is waiting for Josh Smith to be moved first." Twitter @SpearsNBAYahoo

There's widespread belief among league execs that the Lakers will not trade Dwight Howard, who is an unrestricted free agent after the season and has had an inauspicious stay in L.A., to say the least. But several teams believe the Hawks will make a serious push for Howard before the deadline. If Howard is determined to leave the Lakers as a free agent, the Hawks would have room to sign him, but only for a four-year deal. If they were able to trade for him now, Howard could re-sign for a full, five-year max deal in his hometown.

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