For so long, the Hawks have been in the "middle" of the eastern conference. I think Danny ferry has done a masterful job and the team looks to be better than expected. Having said that, I think we need to pull the trigger now and try and get Asik, Here are my reasons: 1.


With everyone tanking and waiting for next years draft and with the injury situations in New Jersey and Chicago, there appears to be only 2 teams with legit chance of coming out of the east. Miami and Indiana. This is a unique situation. Miami's achelles is a big center and when you consider Wade's health. If we get Asik, that automatically gets us to be among the 3 teams in the East and with a very legit chance of being at least in the Eastern conference final. This opportunity might not be there next year.

2. Asking Price: The asking price doesnt seem to be high for Asik because of the poison pill in his contract for next year . A 1st round draft pick for a legit 7ft center. That is something we can take a risk on he is only 27 years old and has been a starter for only 1 year so there is a lot of thread on his tire.Surely we can offer our 1st round pick next year( probably top 5 protected because of what might happen to the nets).

3. Low Risk and High Reward: His contract is for only 2 years.Yes the 2nd year is for 14mil but the actual cap hit is for 8mil. I think the reward is high and the risk is that it doesnt pan out which leaves us with only less than 2 years of his contract to eat or trade.

4. Defense: He will light out improve out interior defense and rebound something that we sorely need to move to the next level.A look at Asik's advanced defensive numbers show that he is just as good as Howard on defence. The Rockets were significantly better on defense with Asik in the game last year than when he was off court. Right now, the Hawks are winning on offence once the offence bugs down, the hawks cannot rely on defence.

5. Type of Player: Asik will be a perfect fit for this team. He plays within his strengths( defence, rebound and blocks) He is in his prime age wise and seems to know his role.he should fit right in with Buds philosophy.

6.PRIME!: What do all the following players have in commone? Asik, Horford,Teague,Millsap and Lou williams? They are all in their prime years and they are all the best players on the Hawks team. That is a very unique opportunity.

7.Flexibility: Having Asik will improve our starting unit and bench. With Asik, we can afford to even have Milsap and Lou anchor the bench team and thereby not have the significant dropoff when the bench comes in.

8. Window: This year is a buyers year because a lot of teams are tanking, once the draft comes, reality comes in and talent will become very expensive especially once Lakers and Knicks clear cap in 2 years.

Opportunities like this dont come every time. What do you think?

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