Move Josh Smith to Small Forward

In recent, years the worst player on the Atlanta Hawks starting lineup has been at the SF position, but the best players in the league are all SF's and the Hawks have been getting dominated in those match ups. Marvin Williams did a good job this year averaging over 10 points per game and getting about 5 rebound too, but he's gone now and Hawks don't currently have a starting caliber SF for the start of this season. But I have just the guy.

Josh Smith was originally drafted by the Atlanta Hawks to play SF in 2004. He played his rookie year at that position, and was eventually moved to the PF spot. They say he was moved because he shot the ball too much when he should be taking it to the rim for layups and dunks. But Smith is older now and things have changed. Yes, he is one of the best PF's in the league right now but he is also undersized. His athletic abilities and amazing jumping skills have carried him so far. He is getting older tho and may not have those abilities for much longer. I believe he should be moved to the SF position so that he can start learning to play the position again. And have another player who is an All Star and could down low just as well as Smith if not better and who many people want to be moved to PF.

Al Horford won a championship with the Florida Gators. But back then he played PF. Now he plays the Center position for the Atlanta Hawks and has done a very good job at it making it to the All Stars too. We could move Josh Smith to the 3 and Horford to the 4. We currently have a very short team with Al at 6'10 and Smith at 6'9. That is definitely below average for positions that are supposed to have the biggest players on your team. If we moved their positions, instead of being small and at a disadvantage we would be bigger then everyone else and have a very big advantage defensively and offensively.

Now that we have moved those two players we can start 6'11 Zaza Pachulia at the Center position. He was never thought of as a starter until Al Horford went down at the beginning of last season and Zaza had to step up. He ended up averaging a double-double as a starter and did a great job helping the team out a lot on both offense and defense. Plus he can really rile up some of these big name players when he gets down low with them, pushing them around, yelling in their faces, getting them mad, and throwing off their games. If there is something he is best at it's making the competition mad. Then we'll have Petro as his backup, who is a 7 footer that averages a double-double per 40 minutes played.

No one will be worried about Zaza or Al tho. It's Josh Smith that has to be the selling point. A lot of people think he would be bad for that position because he takes too many shots already and that moving him from 4 to 3 will only encourage him. He is still the team favorite but you always hear that roar of boo's when he shoots the three pointer. Even when he makes them. But all of Smith's shooting percentages were up with the best PF's in the game last season even tho he took more shots than any of them. That means his shooting is improving and I think it's good enough to move him positions. Plus his dribbling skills are better than any player of his size in the NBA right now. He can move and still play the same game down low, especially since he will be much bigger than any of the competition. And just imagine what he could do on defense. I can see it now. King James is driving the lane like a truck, going up high for the jam, and then Smith comes across and knocks the crown right off of his head. He would have the advantage on both sides of the ball.

I think this is the best lineup for the Hawks and it's the best time to do it with all the new changes to roster, but I don't think the coach is smart enough to make it happen, and if he did I don't think he's smart enough to make it work. But we would be taller and better if he made this happen. Hawks would have 3 players on the floor that averaged over 10 rebounds per game last season. The other team would never get a rebound with this lineup in. And since the team is taller they would have an advantage on offense and defense down low. And considering how short their back court is it's an advantage they need. The Hawks would need to switch from a 3-2 offense to a 2-3 but they could run it on both offense and defense in a zone. That's pretty much a Center and 2 PF's all down low (as you can see on my picture below). It would be a block party and Lebron, Durant, and Carmello would all be invited.



---- My Lineup For the Hawks -----

PG) Jeff Teague / Devin Harris

SG) Lou Williams / John Jenkins / Anthony Morrow

SF) Josh Smith / Kyle Korver / DeShawn Stevenson

PF) Al Horford / Ivan Johnson

C) Zaza Pachulia / Johan Petro

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