My thoughts on Jeff's top 5 plays


For those that know me, it’s no secret that I have as some would put it, a man crush on Jeff Teague. Anyway while surfing the internet earlier today I discovered that and posted a top 5 plays of the year for the one and only M-V-Teague…..wait no Insaniteague……… sorry I mean Jeff Teague. My love is just unbearable sometimes, but anyway here are the top 5 plays of Jeff Teague and my little breakdown of each play. So just click on the link below, sit back and get ready to enjoy.

Jeff Teague’s top 5 plays of the 2011 season

#5. In this play, it appears that the play broke down and Teague took it upon himself to get separation and hit the shot over former UGA standout Sundiata Gaines to beat the buzzer going into halftime. Now I can think of other times later in the season where Teague had to hit a buzzer beater, one in particular against the Celtics later in the playoffs, but I guess at this point because it was earlier in the season (Horford in the play should be a huge giveaway) showed that the amazing success he had in the previous postseason against the Bulls has been carried over to the regular season. So in short, his coming out against the #1 seed Chicago Bulls was no fluke and the team will continue to get better with more of his play.

#4 In this play it looks like Jeff anticipates the pass and jumps the passing lane to steal the ball and dunk on the other end. I mean Teague was #10 this year in steals per game in the entire nba. I hope next year he will jump to the top 5

#3 Jeff Teague splits the defenders, gets into the lane and finishes with a great dunk. Now those of you that watched the Hawks during the Bibby era, you should know that getting footage of big foot would be easier to do than watching trying to find our former point guard attempt to do this in a game in a Hawks uniform. What made this play great was that it was in the playoffs and that is when you really want to shine.

#2 Teague blows by a reaching Nash on the baseline and finishes in the lane against the much taller 6′ 11″ Channing Frye. What can I say about that, another spectacular dunk from the 6′ 2″ product from Wake Forest. Now for those that were at this game like myself, they should remember that Ivan Johnson had a nasty dunk on Frye later in the game, but for now this is the Jeff Teague top plays and I will stick with that.

#1 Finally the moment we have been waiting for, the #1 play by Jeff Teague this season. With all of the explosive and jaw-dropping plays that Jeff has performed last season, this is the one that should stand out to Hawk’s fans and NBA fans around the nation. Jeff gets the ball in transition and starts the fast break and ends up running past everyone to soar to the hoop with Ray Allen “defending” on the other end. Not only was this an amazing dunk, but it was against the hated Celtics and over Ray Allen during the regular season. And when I say hated Celtics, it’s because there are other words I wish to describe against them that I’m sure I should not be writing on this blog. Anyway this is the type of play of pushing in transition that Hawks fans want to see and can only expect from him in the future. For more of my other stuff check it out here, but anyway I leave you with this beautiful picture.

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