The Small Forward Void

Potential Amnesties:

Josh Childress is likely to be amnestied by the Suns. He's getting over 20 million in the next three years. This is the guy who use to be an Atlanta fan favorite, turned Olympiaco, turned record breaker for playing the most minutes ever in a season without making a FT in NBA history.

Shawn Marion is probably a better option than Childress. He's a known defensive stopper and still somewhat of a slasher to the rim. He's set to make 18 million over the next two years. The hold up could be that Dallas team is decimated and Marion still being on the team could somewhat make up for their woeful offseason start.

Richard Jefferson also known as RJ. Last year he was traded to the Golden State Warriors for Stephen Jackson. He still has some gas left in him. He can still spot up and hopefully will bring those veteran intangibles.

Rashard Lewis. - Looks away in disgust -

Hedo Turkoglu (Air Turkey) I've seen the guy; heck he shares the same division with the Hawks, still not too sure what he does. I've heard he was a good passer for a 6'10 guy, but if he's on the perimeter I still rather have a guard passing the ball inside. He's owed more than 23 million in the next two years.

Then you've got FA (courtesy of HoopsHype):

Nic Batum, Portland Trail Blazers – $2.2 million – Restricted ($3.2 million Qualifying Offer)
Grant Hill, Phoenix Suns – $6.5 million – Unrestricted
Sam Young, Philadelphia 76ers – $0.9 million – Unrestricted*
Matt Barnes, L.A. Lakers – $1.9 million – Unrestricted
Andres Nocioni, Philadelphia 76ers – $6.7 million – Unrestricted
Anthony Tolliver, Minnesota Timberwolves – $2.1 million – Unrestricted
Donte’ Greene, Sacramento Kings – $2.0 million – Restricted ($3.0 million Qualifying Offer)
Bill Walker, New York Knicks – $0.9 million – Unrestricted
Devin Ebanks, L.A. Lakers – $0.8 million – Unrestricted*
Dahntay Jones, Indiana Pacers – $2.7 million – Player Option ($2.9 million)
Jeremy Evans, Utah Jazz – $0.8 million – Unrestricted*
Eduardo Najera, Charlotte Bobcats – $2.8 million – Unrestricted
Derrick Brown, Charlotte Bobcats – $0.9 million – Unrestricted*
Damien Wilkins, Detroit Pistons – $1.1 million – Unrestricted
Dominic McGuire, Golden State Warriors – $0.9 million – Unrestricted
Chris Wright, Golden State Warriors – $0.5 million – Unrestricted*
DaJuan Summers, New Orleans Hornets – $0.8 million – Unrestricted
Steve Novak, New York Knicks – $1.0 million – Unrestricted
Rasual Butler, Toronto Raptors – $1.2 million – Unrestricted
Diamon Simpson, Houston Rockets – $0.1 million – Unrestricted*
Jamario Moon, Charlotte Bobcats – $0.1 million – Unrestricted
James Singleton, Washington Wizards – $0.2 million – Unrestricted
D.J. Kennedy, Cleveland Cavaliers – $0.1 million – Unrestricted*

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