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"[Hawk fans] are just [a few] of the countless number of people who harbor dreams of greatness because they are frustrated by reality" - (G.I.T.S)

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is the best player in the draft.

We're a day away from the long awaited NBA draft. We've all give our evaluations of the team and the prognosis has yet to be found. We surely know the symptoms are 3rd quarter woes, isolation, low block size, and decisions, decisions, decisions. But not all can be absolved with the swoop of two rooks. Our new GM possibly considering a blockbuster trade on draft day.

Trade Value of our current depleted roster (In Pick-form):

Jeff Teague - 8th overall pick

Joe Johnson - Last pick in the 2nd round (Pretty much worthless because of his contract)

Marvin Williams - Same as JJ

Josh Smith - 2nd - 4th overall pick

Al Horford - 6th overall pick

Zaza Pachulia - Late 1st round pick.

Other than JJ and Marvin, who I desperately wish to move, the only player that I believe we can move without missing out too much on the team is Horford. The team record speaks for itself, 40 - 26 equates to a .606 win percentage. The previous year the Hawks were 44 - 38 equating to a .537 win percentage. Now the addition of Teague to the starting lineup had much to do with the 2011 improvement of the Hawks.

After squandering Teague's talent to the bench two years straight, we saw the explosiveness that was missing from the PG position. We've also seen he's a bit of a project if plans are to make him into a true PG. He's indecisive on offense and pretty much that has a trickle down effect on his passing and shooting ability. Can another Teague be the solution?

Marquis Teague gets compared to his brother a lot, but there's one thing he's better at than Jeff and that's passing. I can imagine the offense running a little more smoothly under the wing of Marquis. That would pushing Jeff back onto the bench. (So there's no confusion, Jeff is the better player but Marquis is a better PG)Or keeping them both on the court would mean an undersized backcourt. It isn't unprecedented (i.e Bucks) but if neither of them aren't good shooters like the Teagues it would cause a congested interior. Okay, NO to Marquis Teague or Tony Wroten for that matter.

How about another SG to push JJ down to SF? Well, JJ isn't versatile enough to play SF. Problem is he doesn't move unless he has the ball.

Horford and Smith are two above-average PF's. So any Royce White, Draymon Green, or Jared Sullinger dreams should be shot down. They would get 15 minutes off the bench at most.

As concluded many times before SF and C are the positions that we should be looked to draft. Either way we go the versatility for Smoove to play SF or PF and Horford to play PF or C would play a major part in it.

If Hawks go C, Josh goes SF, Horford goes PF.

If Hawks go SF, Josh goes PF, Horford goes C.

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