Lamar Odom, Tony Wroten, and Ray Allen

The great thing about this NBA June... Free agency begins just three days after the draft. For all of us that enjoy the rumors and speculation of off-season moves, it all moves faster this year. The draft and free agency are almost simultaneous and summer league play is not far in the rear view mirror. I must say that this may be an exciting 6 weeks.

With the hire of Danny Ferry and all the right things being said by he, ownership, and the outgoing GM Sund, the Hawks are creating some buzz among its fans and media. I also think that its a move that will put a fire under the Hawks players as well. The Hawks are starting the 2012 off-season on the right foot.

I will be very honest to say that with Danny Ferry at the helm, I don't have any idea of the direction this team may go in, but something makes me think that Ferry will take a look at the core of the team before making dramatic changes. Josh Smith is a hot topic (as always), but I have said many times that unless the Hawks get a deal that is an obvious win, Smoove will be in Atlanta at least until the trade deadline if he doesn't sign an extension.

If Ferry makes a move, I think it will be using Marvin as the pawn as he is the least valuable of the six players under contract. If Ferry has the same vision as I do (which is probably not the case), this is one of the scenarios that could happen:

Hawks draft Tony Wroten with the 23rd pick. And if Ferry is ready for some wheeling and dealing, trade this and next year's 2nd round picks to the Cavs for the 24th pick. At 24 the Hawks draft Draymond Green (Royce White is my first option over Green but Royce will probably be off the board). Wroten is the talent that could develop into a star player and Green is the mature, immediate impact player.

Through free agency, the Hawks add Ray Allen as their big catch. Other additions would be signing Semih Erden, Hasheem Thabeet, then bring back Pargo and Willie Green. Allen is a vet and a shooter with championship pedigree, Semih Erden and Hasheem Thabeet can compete for the 3rd Center position and adds two legit 7-footers to add depth at Center, and we know the value of Pargo and Green.

Through trade, the Hawks acquire Lamar Odom for Marvin Williams. Dallas has given Odom permission to shop himself for a trade. Lamar actually is set to make $87,500 less than Marvin this year, so its a clean trade and Lamar's contract is up at the end of the year creating room to extend Smoove.

With Ray Allen and Lamar Odom, the Hawks can truly claim to be championship contenders. Both have championship pedigree. The Hawks also are not far into the Luxury Tax either, which Hawks ownership is now ready to commit to as noted by Bruce Levenson in an interview with Michael Cunningham.

This is how the roster looks to shape out:

PG - Teague, Wroten, Pargo

SG - Allen, Willie Green

SF - JJ, Odom, Draymond Green

PF - Smoove, Ivan

C - Horford, ZaZa, Erden, Thabeet

The depth and the versatility of this team would be off the charts. There are 4 legitimate options at C; Horford wants more time at PF; Smoove, Odom, Dray Green, and Ivan can play SF or PF (Odom with Point Forward capabilities); JJ plays SG and SF; with Willie Green, there are 4 options at PG; and Tony Wroten can play SG also. LD would have even more weapons than he did this past year.

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