My Hawks Draftees & Roster Followup

A followup to my last FanPost about draft prospects. Here's an update.

  • Renardo Sideney - Renardo Sidney measured 304 pounds with 22.35% body fat percentage, by far the most at the Nets PreDraft Combine. Crazy part is he reportedly looked like he'd slimmed down according to draftexpress. This does not bode well for him and it would be a small miracle for him to be acceptable size by the time the draft comes around and it is coming very quick. Sad because IF he was in shape he measured elite physical tools. But IF pigs could fly.
  • From
    Nets Combine Measurements/Athletic Testing and Recap
    May 21, 2012
    The heaviest player weighed in New Jersey was Mississippi State's Renardo Sidney, at a whopping 304 pounds, nearly 40 pounds more than the next heaviest prospect. His 22.4% body fat percentage was also highest by a large margin in New Jersey, and ranks as the second highest figure ever in our extensive database ahead of Oliver Miller. Sidney quit pretty early on in the workout after being seen grasping an inhaler on the sidelines.

But now back to the positive stories. Starting with #1 best get for the Hawks, Fab Melo.

NBA Mock Draft 2012: Atlanta Hawks Select Fab Melo

It wouldn't hurt the Atlanta Hawks to add some depth to their front court, which is why the College Hoops Journal's mock draft selection of Melo to the Hawks makes all the sense in the world. He's not a player who demands the ball offensively, or needs to take a lot of shots, outside of put-backs on offensive rebounds and loose balls.

That's a good thing for the Hawks, since they don't lack for guys who like to put it up. And on the defensive end, Melo could make an impact on the team immediately if everything played out this way.

23. Atlanta Hawks: Fab Melo, Syracuse
Atlanta needs youthful depth in the frontcourt behind Al Horford and Josh Smith. Melo is far from polished, but his defense would be an instant asset for the Hawks.

* A little Note: I was surprised to see Meyers Leonard has recently slipped out of the projected lottery. I thought he was a lock for the lotto.

* It would be very interesting if Leonard slipped to the Hawks and Hawks had to choose between Meyers Leonard and Fab Melo. But I doubt he slips that far and think he improves his stock in workouts.

* Also a guy I'm very torn on is Orlando Johnson. Every year there's a guy that measures close to D-Wade and this year its Orlando Johnson. I'm starting to think he'd be a major steal.

DraftExpress: Good workout for Orlando Johnson as well. Great frame/wingspan stands out on 1st glance, but also showed a versatile skill-set. #NetsCombine

Any chance the Hawks buy a 1st rounder?

Next are myriad of possible 2nd round gems that Hawks might be interested in.

* Alex Young – measurements stood out; IQ and talent is said to be Josh Howard level, but with some structure he could be even better. This crossover reminded me of Kobe Bryant,

his crossover and touch around the rim in these Highlights remind me of Jordan/Kobe. I know they are highlights but they are Just good fundamentals, as far as getting to the rim, shot form and creation. I think IQ/shot selection can get called in question when you play as a 1st option. But as a 2nd or 3rd option he could fit in here,

  • Alex Young - Very Interesting swingman. Size to defend and create own offense at both positions. Absolute Talent. Hawks might want to Target with 2nd rounder.
  • Henry Sims – at 6'11 and solid frame at 250 pounds he stood out as NBA ready; his game is a finesse one but he's physical at the same time. Funky shot form, said to be inconsisent. Skillset and all around size should be very intriguing to the Hawks though (PF/C; 7’4, 6’10; 251).
  • Jae Crowder - Marquette - physical swingman
  • Chace Stanback – legal problem = DUI; red flag for maturity; Possibly undrafted; bring him into camp on some 10-days; pure shot form, 6'8 swingman with old school game scoring off the ball
  • Links:

Personal Quick Look at the Draft Board Conclusion:

1st Round: Fab Melo

2nd Round: Alex Young/Henry Sims/Jae Crowder/Chase Stanbeck


Here is what the 1st and 2nd units might look like.

Josh Smith - Al Horford - Zaza Pachulia - Joe Johnson - Jeff Teague

Marvin Williams - Ivan Johnson - Fab Melo - Orlando Johnson* - Kirk Hinrich/Janero Pargo

*Orlando Johnson seems like he has the skills and frame to eventually replace Joe Johnson on the cheap. Unknown asset but looks like a good investment. But the fulltime center issue must be addressed.


  1. Jeff Teague $2,433,076
  2. Joe Johnson $19,752,645
  3. Josh Smith $13,200,000
  4. Al Horford $12,000,000
  5. Zaza Pachulia $5,248,750
  6. Kirk Hinrich - $3.5 million annually for 3 years. Pretty sure you could get Jason Kidd for that much.
  7. Orlando Johnson (buy/trade into this pick) or Alex Young - rookie deal = $473,604 (42nd from Suns)
  8. Marvin Williams $8,287,500
  9. Ivan Johnson - minimum - $880K?
  10. Fab Melo - rookie Deal
  11. Janero Pargo - vet min - $880K?
  12. Al Thornton - vet min - $880K?
  13. Erick Dampier - vet min - only if in shape.

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