Hawks move at trade deadline

Well, everybody is doing it so I figured I'd offer an idea (crazy or not).

Hawks give: Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Kirk Hinrich, Jeff Teauge, and 2012 First Rounder

Hawks receive: Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, and Rajon Rondo

Celtics give: Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo

Celtics receive: Hedo Turkoglu, Kirk Hinrich, Jeff Teauge, and Zaza Pachulia (and a pick if needed)

Magic give: Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu

Magic receive: Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, and Atlanta 2012 First Rounder

Why: Josh Smith has reportedly asked for a trade, Joe Johnson has an awful contract, Hinrich has a one year deal and is playing pretty well in his role, and Teauge is the Hawks' best young asset.

Offloading an unhappy Smith, overpaid Johnson, and a first to get the best Center in the league is probably the best deal Orlando can get and the best the Hawks can get for this tandem. The warriors can't offer better for either the Hawks or Magic players. Hedo is in the top fifteen SF scorers this year, but doesn't necessarily deserve the 11 Mil tag. Josh Smith could fill in at SF, be better, and do it at around the same price. The Magic will likely lose Howard regardless, but at least they get two All-Stars and a first in the deal; something I don't think anyone else can offer.

The Celtics would get a young PG who is statistically equal to Rondo is every way but assists and rebounds (while having a less critical role), a great sixth man in Turkoglu, a very solid veteran PG, and a center who has shown he can fill in pretty well when needed. A future pick could seal it. Rondo hasn't been meshing in the locker room with three potential future hall of famers and needs a change of scenery. The demands from the Celtics on Rondo fluctuates from story to story, but to get additional scoring and less brittle bodies, they might do it.

The Hawks would get a great, young, underpaid, pass first PG; the best center in basketball right now; and an aging, but respectable PF to finish the year up. They could let KG go in FA or restructure a more friendly deal during the off-season if interested. If they let him go, they would be competitive in free agency to go after a SG like Eric Gordon, OJ Mayo, Nick Young, JR Smith, Carlos Delfino, or Landry Fields. Not as good as the 2013 SG free agent class, but can fill the need for now. It would mean entirely shuffling up what the Hawks have, but I think that is better than living in basketball purgatory until Joe Johnson's contract finally expires.

Hawks lineup next year - Rondo, T-MAC, Williams, Horford, Howard

Celtics lineup next year - Teauge, Allen, Pierce, Bass, Pachulia (FA/pick could be used to replace Allen or at C)

Magic lineup next year - Nelson, Johnson, Smith, Davis, Orton (FA/picks could be used to improve PG,PF, or C )

Anyways, those are my hopes for the Hawks, despite how unlikely they are. Feel free to offer criticism or critique. Fingers crossed the Hawks do something positive in the next week.

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