Renardo Sidney's Plans to Lose Weight (Hires Agent) (Hawks 2nd rounder)

Renardo Sidney will forgo his senior season at Mississippi State and turn pro.

"There’s a lot of stuff going on at Mississippi State right now," Sidney said in an interview. "I’ve been thrown in the fire all year, so I’m not going back through that stuff any more."

Sidney has signed with an agent and will attend IMG Academy in Florida over the next "three to four" months in preparation for a professional career.

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* Sidney, who said he has ballooned to 310 pounds, hopes to lose 30 pounds before a pre-draft camp in May.

* There's a lot of stuff going on at Mississippi State right now," Sidney said in an interview with the Clarion-Ledger on Monday. "I've been thrown in the fire all year, so I'm not going back through that stuff any more."

* However, Sidney is currently, the worst parts of Rasheed Wallace & Dejuan Blair. For good and for bad. For the Detroit Pistons, once, Wallace was the missing piece. He was the final addition to the puzzle when Pistons President Joe Dumars stole him from the Atlanta Hawks in February 2004. His energy, outside shooting touch, and athleticism in the post were just what the doctor ordered.

* Blair stayed 4 years iirc. He played at 300 lbs as well and worked on his game. However, Sidney has abandoned ship.

* I'd agree that Sidney is not as tough as Blair. I'd agree that it doesn't look good for him to leave the situation. But I'd argue that Blair's situation and stamina was better than Sidney's. But his height wasn't and he has to stay to increase his stock.

* Sidney stock can easily rise if he transforms his body and thus transforms himself into a better basketball player.

- Attitude (Marvin Williams): A out of shape player is ornery and cant maximize his potential and meet expectations so takes it out on others for his shortcomings. They find it hard to move onto the next play and mistakes pile up.

- Defend (Rasheed level; use your size, play smart defense, show ability & discipline to learn on the fly)

- Rebound (Defensively you have to close out possessions; Offensive boards- rest on offense, not defense)

- Hustle (Show some Stamina and Energy)

- Space the Floor (Ability to Hit the Open outside shot ala Rasheed Wallace or Frye)

He does what Dejuan Blair did at IMG (gets down to around 270) & show a pro attitude to work and earn minutes, now what we have is a potential:

- Rasheed Wallace

- Marvin Williams + Rebounding + Toughness + Size to guard elite PFs and Centers

- Ivan Johnson with Size + 3 point shooting (Star)

- Can help the big lineup

The Plan:

- rotation player and support player (X-Factor) in Regular Season

- Reliable Contributor + option to play "small" or "Big" by season's end

Sidney isn't going to get "tougher" by staying in Mississippi. Fatigue makes cowards of us all, and the only way he gets better is doing what he is doing now.

Adopt a better attitude, lose weight, and make plays for his teammates.

The Penultimate Bottom Line: Depth+ Talent vs Injured Opposition

310 lbs. I'd wager he get more production than Dampier and Collins right now. And right now, with the way the East is going there are many injuries and Hawks can add Sidney and likely win a title through attrition of depth and talent.

(Rose, Deng, Boozer, Noah, Asik, Wade)

The Ultimate Bottom Line: Erick Dampier? Really? Draft Sidney is a High Boom vs NonExistant Bust Ratio

Hawks are currently at 60% Winning% through 50 games in a condensed season.

With Sidney, Larry Drew can go big and play zone, with Renardo spacing outside, to destroy the Heat and counter their small lineup. Just versatile, different looks.

This might be the most versatile, biggest, most talented front line (SF,PF,C) in the entire league. Sidney ispotentially a big name that can bring "hype" & excitement in the fan base as well.

This also allows us to make a good bang for your buck pick without overpaying to develop.

Player 2012/13

  1. Joe Johnson $19,752,645
  2. Josh Smith $13,200,000
  3. Al Horford $12,000,000
  4. Marvin Williams $8,287,500
  5. Zaza Pachulia $5,248,750
  6. Jeff Teague $2,433,076
  7. Renardo Sidney - rookie deal - $473,604 (42nd from Suns) (hopefully a new & improved Sidney doesn't move too high)
  8. Kirk Hinrich - $4 million per year ?-
  9. Janero Pargo - vet min - $880K?
  10. Willie Green - vet min - $880K?
  11. Jerry Stackhouse - vet min - $880K?
  12. Ivan Johnson - minimum - $880K?
  13. Vlad Radmanovic - minimum $880 K

Draft - If Renardo Sidney rises draft with the #42 pick. Trade 1st rounder for cash. Unless we really want Fab Melo at #20.

If Sidney doesn't rise draft Melo at #20. However I think That would push a 13man roster into luxury bill.

Opening Day Lineups (subject to Change)

1) Jeff Teague, Kirk Hinrich, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Al Horford

2) Janero Pargo, Willie Green, Marvin Williams, Renardo Sidney, Zaza Pachulia

reserves: Jerry Stackhouse, Vlad Radmanovic, Ivan Johnson, Al Thornton

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