Trading Kirk ??...Why??????

I have been reading a lot of comments on this blog about how the Hawks should trade Henrich for a center ( or any center) and frankly i am shocked. Why on earth would the hawks want to trade Henrich for ANY BIG??.I keep hearing names like Nazr Mohammed, Thabeet!!!! Are you kidding me?? Unless the center is a legitimate starter who is better than Zaza, the hawks should keep Henrich and even look to extend him . Here's why:

1. Remember Orlando in the playoffs or better still remember Jameer Nelson??.

One of the major reasons why the Hawks got by Orlando last year was Henrich.His D on Jameer Nelson is what helped us win that series. How easily we Hawks fan forget. Infact, If he was not injured last season, I still think we would have gotten by Chicago as he would have made Rose work harded for his points.

2. He is the 2nd best guard we have today.

I am in favor of Jeff Teague starting because he needs the experience and he is the long term solution for us. But, as of today, Henrich is better than Jeff. Why trade your second best guard for a 7ft scrub.

3. Teams will give a lot to have him.

New York, Lakers, Miami are some of the teams that would LOVE to have a veteran guard like Kirk. why give him up for a center who is at best a backup.?

4. We need him.

Just because we have 5 guards does not mean that we should trade Henrich. If we have any hope of getting into the conference finals, we would need Henrich. Willie Green and Pargo are obviously not going to get us into the conference final.

5. He plays the 1 and 2 pretty well.

During the playoffs, where the rotation gets shortened, a guard combination of Kirk , Joe and Jeff is far better than any combination of Joe, Jeff,Pargo and Green.

6. We gave up a lot to get him

We traded 2 first round picks to get him.( The way the 2 picks are playing in Washington, I am grateful we made the deal).The least we can do is see what he can produce for a full season. We still dont know what would have happened had he not been injured in the playoffs.

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