Amidst talk of Monta...

There is another story brewing under the radar.  The story of Jeremy Tyler that is.  In a previous blog post, I suggested that the Hawks trade up in the draft to get this enigmatic, young big man. 

Here is a brief background.  Tyler is 6'11" and 260 lbs. He made a name for himself as the #1 player in the country for the class of 2010.  But, after his JUNIOR year of high school, Tyler decided to turn pro, going overseas.  He went to Israel and made a million bucks, then took his talents to Japan.  Now, after what many call a disappointing 2-year stint overseas and a horrible decision, he is making his way to the NBA. 

To be noted, before any draft workouts or interviews, Tyler was projected to be drafted in the top half of the 2nd round.  (The Hawks would have probably still missed out on him without moving up to draft him.)  Now, he has pushed his draft value into the late first round and is still on the rise as he continues to participate in team work outs.

This is a video from Tyler's interview at the New York team workout.  Also read this article about Tyler's rise at


Tyler could very well be a lottery pick, maybe even top 5, if he had gone to college.  But because his trip overseas did not produce much on the court success, his draft value fell dramatically. This could be the Hawks chance to get a steal in the draft again (i.e. Jeff Teague and Jordan Crawford were two good late round picks).  But this time it could really be the jackpot.  I see Andrew Bynum potential.


If New York (17th) has genuine interest, you can add them to the list of teams that includes Houston (23rd), Boston (25th), Chicago (28th and 30th), and San Antonio (29th) that would be willing to take him as a project, though I think that he will be much more than a project and could very well have some impact on a team this year.

The Hawks could package this years 2nd round and next years 1st round picks to move up to get one of Chicago's picks maybe or to get Minnesota's 20th pick.  Atlanta's future would be headed in the right direction as it would have it's Center of the future and Point Guard of the future both at the same time. 

In addition to drafting Jeremy Tyler, I have concocted another Summer 2011 scenario for Hawks roster moves.

The Hawks could package Marvin and his new back in a trade to Charlotte for Stephen Jackson.  The Bobcats are obviously rebuilding and are in need of a small forward.  Jordan may also be interested in bring Marvin back to North Carolina.  He didn't give up on Kwame Brown.

Get a sign-and-trade deal done with Jamal to send him to Boston for Glen Davis and maybe a draft pick.  Big Baby has a nice low post game and can defend the center position.  He actually does a really good job on Dwight Howard. And to round out the roster, re-sign Jason Collins, bring over Sergiy Gladyr, and sign James Jones and Chuck Hayes.



PG - Teague, Hinrich, Pape Sy

SG - Joe, Stephen Jackson, Gladyr

SF - J-Smoove, James Jones

PF - Big Baby, Chuck Hayes

C  - Al Horford, Zaza Pachulia, Jeremy Tyler, Jason Collins

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