Off Season Mode (Already?!)

I think the ending to this season disappointed me more than any in the last four seasons.  Why? Well it seemed to have just got good and things began to turn around and the hope that I have had for a long time was finally beginning to cash in.  The Hawks performed extremely well, defeating Orlando and Dwight Howard in 6 games without homecourt advantage, and giving Chicago a real run in 5 of 6 games.  I really thought we had a good chance to make the Eastern Conference Finals.  Also, Teague was amazing, played beastly, and with more fight than any Hawk on the floor considering he was the only player on the court with a supposed disadvantage.  And then without a healthy Teague, the rest of the team folds and reverts back to the Hawks of the past four or five seasons.


So now, its another summer of us Hawks fans hoping and looking for the Hawks to do something to excite and ignite this team and this city.  So I am here to offer my first round of off-season moves that I think will improve the team.  I know, I know, its only May and there is a new CBA to be worked out before we could really know realistically what can and can not be done,  but I really need October to be here ASAP.

I will start by offering opinions on possible free agent moves that would fit into the structure of the Hawks operations of the past few years.  With the emergence of Teague and with Kirk Hinrich on the roster, the pg position is shaping up to be as strong as it has been in a long time. So unlike the recent past PG is no longer a position of need.  However, the Center position is a concern if the Hawks want to permanently move Horford to PF and Smoove to SF and Marvin to the bench.  For the record, I am a firm believer that Al Horford is best playing Center than PF.  He will not be an All-Star playing PF.  And the playoffs show that his production and impact on the game decreased a bit with the move although most would think that his production should increase.  Also, with Marvin Williams' complete disappearance and possibly losing Jamal Crawford to free agency, a scoring wing player off to come off the bench a big need.  A back up PF is also a need.


So with that....

 Sign Samuel Dalembert as a full-time starting center splitting minutes with Zaza and Al.  Sign Troy Murphy as the back up PF.  Sign Marcus Thornton or Shannon Brown as the backup SG.  Lastly, sign I know that these moves are not shooting for the stars but considering the Hawks limitations and past off-seasons this is the most reasonable situation and is just a starter. I will be cranking some things out in all the idle time that I will have this summer.


PG - Jeff Teague, Kirk Hinrich

SG - Joe Johnson, Marcus Thornton (Shannon Brown)

SF - Josh Smith, Al Thornton, Marvin Williams 

PF - Al Horford, Troy Murphy

C - Samuel Dalembert, Zaza Pachulia

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