NBA Standings: Playoff Preview With Orlando Highlights This Week's Schedule

Southeast Standings

Miami 51 22 .698 0 Won 5
Orlando 47 26 .643 4 Won 5
Atlanta 42 32 .567 9.5 Won 2
Charlotte 30 42 .416 20.5 Won 2
Washington 17 55 .236 33.5 Lost 4

(updated 3.28.2011 at 7:15 AM EDT)


Chicago1c 53 19 0.736 0.0 32-12 13-1 32-4 21-15 9-1 W 4
Boston2a 51 21 0.708 2.0 33-10 11-3 29-8 22-13 5-5 W 1
Miami3x 51 22 0.699 2.5 32-12 10-3 28-10 23-12 8-2 W 5
Orlando4x 47 26 0.644 6.5 31-12 9-4 26-11 21-15 7-3 W 5
Atlanta5x 42 32 0.568 12.0 29-17 8-4 22-15 20-17 5-5 W 2
Philadelphia6 37 36 0.507 16.5 22-22 7-5 23-12 14-24 4-6 L 2
New York7 35 38 0.479 18.5 21-22 6-5 19-17 16-21 1-9 L 6
Indiana8 32 42 0.432 22.0 23-22 7-7 19-16 13-26 5-5 L 2
Charlotte 30 42 0.417 23.0 18-24 3-8 18-17 12-25 4-6 W 2
Milwaukee 29 43 0.403 24.0 21-22 5-8 19-19 10-24 5-5 L 1


Hawks Schedule This Week: Wednesday Vs. Orlando, Friday Vs. Boston, Sunday @ Houston

Atlanta locked down a playoff spot last week and pushed their lead over Philadelphia to 4.5 games. We get a playoff preview on Wednesday when Orlando comes calling. The Magic have been up and down all season but are mostly up of late having won five straight games and seven of their last ten. That streak consists of wins over Milwaukee, Denver, Cleveland, New York, and New Jersey. 

Boston is in on Friday with the Celtics falling two games behind Chicago for the top seed in the Eastern Conference. In addition to Shaq being out, Rajon Rondo missed Sunday's game with a jammed finger on his shooting hand. I think the Celtics just want to get healthy and aren't too overly concerned about grabbing that top seed in the East. 

Houston is currently on the outside looking in at the Western Conference playoff picture. The Rockets lost in a shoot out to Miami yesterday. They play the Nets, Sixers, and Spurs this week before locking up with the Hawks on Sunday. No matter the record, Atlanta hasn't had a lot of success over the years in Houston.

Interesting is the struggles of the New York Knicks who after making a push for the fifth seed, have now lost six games in a row and nine of their last ten. They appear destined to take on the Celtics in the second round. 

Indiana is a full game up on Charlotte for the final playoff spot with Milwaukee two games back. It is doubtful that any of these teams would be able to win a game against Chicago in the first round. 

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