A History of Hawks Drafts from 2000 to present

With all this talk about the ASG needing to blow up the squad of underachievers we have, let's take a look at past drafts and what we should not do anymore. 

Note: I fully recognize that other teams have passed over the same talent I'm about to mention and that not all teams look at the same players in scouting.


The 2000 Draft - DerMarr Johnson was selected 6th overall. Hanno Möttölä was selected 40 overall.  Notable passed-over players: Jamal Crawford 8th, Jamaal Magloire 19th, Michael Redd 43rd.

The 2001 Draft - Pau Gasol (traded to Vancouver) 3rd overall and Terence Morris 33rd (traded to Houston).  So actually we didn't get any thing from that draft accept Shareef Abdul-Raheem.  Notable passed-over talent (besides the one already mentioned) includes Jason Richardson 5th, Shane Battier 6th, Joe Johnson 10th, Jason Collins 18th, Zach Randolph 19th, Gerald Wallace 25th, Tony Parker 28th, Gilbert Arenas 30th, Mehmet Okur 37th. 

The 2002 Draft - the number 8th pick was traded to the Clippers in the Lorenzen Wright transaction.  David Anderson was selected 37th.  Notable passed-over talent:  Ronald Murray 42nd, Matt Barnes 46th, Luis Scola 56th

The 2003 Draft - The 8 pick was traded to get Glen Robinson, Boris Diaw was 21st, Travis Hansen was 37th. Notable passed over talent: Kendrick Perkins 27th, Leandro Barbosa 28th, Josh Howard 29th, Zaza Pachulia 42nd, Mo Williams 47th, Kyle Korver 51st

The 2004 Draft - Josh Childress 6th, Josh Smith was 17th from a trade that sent Rasheed Wallace to the Pistons, Donta Smith 35th, Royal Ivey 38th, Viktor Sanikidze 43rd (traded to the spurs for the 59th pick in 2005 and cash)

The 2005 Draft - Marvin Williams 2nd, Salim Stoudamire 31st, Cenk Akyol 59th. Notable passed-over talent: Daron Williams 3rd, Chris Paul 4th, Raymond Felton 5th, Charlie Villanueva 7th, Channing Frye 8th, Andrew Bynum 10th, Danny Granger 17th, Nate Robinson 21st, Jarrett Jack 22nd, David Lee 30th, CJ Miles 34th, Monta Ellis 40th, Louis Williams 45th (I only mention because he plays his best against the hawks), Andray Blatche 49th, Marcin Gortat 57th

The 2006 Draft - Shelden Williams 5th,  (the hawks 21st pick was traded to Phoenix in the Joe Johnson trade), Solomon Jones 33rd. Notable passed over talent:  Brandon Roy 6th, JJ Redick 11th, Rajon Rondo 21st (in the before mentioned trade), Kyle Lowry 24th, Shannon Brown 25th.

The 2007 Draft - Al Horford 3rd, Acie Law 11th, Atlanta traded the 34th pick for Anthony Johnson.  Notable passed-over talent:  Joakim Noah 9th (only because I was on the fence with Al or Noah), Thaddeus Young 12th, Rodney Stuckey 15th, Aaron Brooks 26th, Glen Davis 35th, Marc Gasol 28th.

The 2008 Draft - no picks because (the 15th pick was traded in the Joe Johnson trade, the 42nd pick was traded in the Mike Bibby trade) No need to mention the numerous passed-over talents.

The 2009 Draft - Jeff Teague 19th, Sergiy Gladyr 49th.  Notable passed-over talents:  Darren Collison? 21st, Rodrigue Beaubois? 25th, Tony Douglas 29th, Dejuan Blair 37th, Jodie Meeks? 41st.  (question marks are borderline stars that may or may not pan out to be)

The 2010 Draft - Damion James 24th (that was traded to New Jersey in a pick swap for Jordan Crawford 27th), Tibor Pleiß 31st (came from New Jersey then traded to OKC), Pape Sy 53rd.  Notable passed-over talent:  Only ones I know so far, Landry Fields 39th.

Like I said before, Other teams passed over the same talent and scouts look at players differently from team to team.  But one thing the hawks can't do anymore is trade away first round picks without good foresight.  Honestly, I don't trust management to rebuild the franchise after "blowing it up" like so many fans would want looking at the draft history. 

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