Pyschological Affects of the Trade

Rick Sund trades away Mike Bibby, Jordan Crawford, Mo Evans, and a 1st round pick for Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong. People who think we have given up too much--lets reflect on the TRUE value of the players we gave up.


Mike Bibby's value. He was not the chip that pushed this trade over the hump to acquire the talent we did. Most likely he's what held the trade back. Not only is Bibby overpaid, he only does one facet of the game well--and that's to shoot 3's. He doesn't bring intangibles like leadership here anymore; we have seen this team go stagnant far too many times to think anyone on this team is a leader. The perception for Bibby is OVERVALUED. The guy is as useless as Tyronn Lue(Another guy who could only shoot 3's).

Jordan Crawford's value. Sure he dunked on LeBron and was a deadly shooter in college and had an upside to be the next Jamal Crawford. But he prances around the court as if he was a velocisaurus raptor. When he does get the ball he's looks sloppy with his handle and is a terrible passer.

Mo Evans' value. Was anyone else rubbed the wrong way on how Evans began growing his hair out? He was an okay backup, but now he's on the decline.

1st round pick. Well, if we go deep into the playoffs--conference finals or deeper--then does it really matter? The 2011 draft isn't looking too deep anyways. Put your faith in Sergiy Gladyr. He might make the team next year with the others out. He's a great 3-pt shooter, that has some athleticism to go along with it.


What we got..........

Kirk Hinrich - Above average defender who can play the 1 and 2. An alright offensive player, who can still do everything at an acceptable level.

Hilton Armstrong - A Body.

Jeff Teague? - Teague could become the next Rando. Their athleticism is very similar. Rando use to be a liability in the offense, now that he has become a respectable jump shooter, players have to play him closer than they want to, which enables him to use his slashing ability and creative passing. Why this guy wasn't starting over Bibby before makes NO SENSE.


The psychological affect is that we traded players that seemed to have a close bond with our core players. Al and Josh referred to these players as family. The break-up was much needed, since the team was becoming accustomed to losing. Stirring the pot could have a profound affect on the team's psyche. Can't wait to see it put to the test vs the Trail Blazers.

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