Bulls Fan Here With a Potential Trade and Wondering Your Thoughts

Hi All,

You probably have read a few of my posts here, i visit this site every now and then to see whats up. I had a trade that i came up with, and I wanted to gauge your reaction on what you would think of the trade. I'm one of those fans who loves churning out possible trade ideas, dont know why really...

Trade is after the jump, but let me set some presumptions. First off, the bulls have like many teams, the full MLE to use, which is a little over 5 million. The bulls have been searching for a two guard (as you may know) and one big potential player is Jamal Crawford, however since he is technically going to be a free agent, in order to trade him would involve a sign and trade.

You probably have already heard about that rumor, and how the trade is meant to be based around Crawford and the Bulls wingman Brewer. The thing that intrests me about this rumor, is the fact that no one seems to mention that if Jamal Crawford was signed and traded, it would have to be to a deal above the MLE. Brewer, makes less than 5 million so if Crawford was being signed and traded for brewer, somehow the difference would have to be made up by chicago.

Another big aspect is how much Jamal Crawford would want in order to go through with this sign and trade. So for this excersise I am going to assume that Jamal Crawford is wiling to sign and trade for the amount of 8 million, which seems to be about the market value for scoring wingmen right now...

Some numbers

Jamal Crawford-8million
Kirk Hinrich-8.1 million
Ronnie Brewer-4.7 million
Cj Watson-3.4 Million
Pargo-1.3 million
JLIII-0.9 milllion
MLE-5 million*


Now the trade....

Atlanta Signs and Trades Jamal Crawford and Kirk Hinrich to Chicago (16.1 million)


Chicago Signs and Trade Caron Butler (MLE) Ronnie Brewer, Cj Watson, Jannero Pargo, and John Lucas III to Atlanta (15.3 million)

Rosters afterwards


Teague/Cj Watson
Joe Johnson/ TMac/Brewer
Josh Smith/Sy/Rolle


Deng/Korver/Jimmy Butler

Why Atlanta does it- Atlanta all of last year was in dire need of a real good SF. Williams was a hard working forward, but he wasnt a particulary good offensive player and was just a solid defender. Butler not only becomes a great offensive sf to add but he also in a way replaces Jamal Crawfords offensive output. You also get Brewer who is a great backup wing man and an elite defender (also one of my favorite players on the current bulls). You get a great backup combo guard in cj watson, he is a good ball handler and willing passer, but his ability to shoot the ball is what makes him special. pargo and John lucas are expiring deals which you can waive, they arent very good and are just filler. Both brewer and watson would have two years left on their contract, and Butler would probably have 4.

Why Chicago Does it-Chicago gets their starting 2 guard in crawfod, while we do recieve a huge blow to our defensive team by losing brewer. Hinrich does make some of the defense up on the perimeter, but nowhere near as athletic or as big as brewer was. Hinrich does give us another ball handler and play maker, and he is pretty beloved by the bulls organization and many bulls fans even today.

Let me know if there are any questions, and please comment on your thoughts below. Thanks for hearing me out guys.

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