John Hollinger Ranking of Hawks: Debunked

John (losing credibility by the second) Hollinger has the Hawks ranked number 9 in the Eastern Conference for 2011-2012. He claims that the loss of Jamal Crawford with the improvement of other teams will push the Hawks out of a playoff spot. Let's just take a look at the Hawks bench in general to debunk Hollinger's ranking. Going by Hollinger's PER alone shows that the 11-12' Hawks bench, as a whole, is better than last years.

2010-2011 Bench

- Teague

- Crawford

- Mo Evans

- Josh Powell

- Pachulia


- Hinrich/Pargo

- Sy

- McGrady

- Radmanovic

- Pachulia

I would say the 10'-11' team has one scorer that does nothing but that and does nothing to try to get the other players involved. The 11'-12' bench has a great point that would or could be starting on most other teams (though he will be out for a month, Pargo is a very serviceable backup), a long and athletic SG that can defend (Sy), a veteran that can still put the ball in the basket and play defense (a lot better than Jamal), a 6'10 spot up 3 point sharp shooter who will be open when Hinrich/Pargo and McGrady create (Radmanovic), and a beast/energy guy (Pachulia) off the bench. I would take bench number 2 over the 10'-11' bench.

Let's look at the benches of some teams ranked above the Hawks and see what they have:

Miami Heat

- Eddie House vs Hinrich/Pargo (advt. Hawks)

- Mike Miller vs Sy (advt. Heat)

- Battier vs T-Mac ( advt Hawks)

- Haslem vs Radmanovic (push)

- Pittman vs Pachulia (advt Hawks)

Orlando Magic

- Duhon vs Hinrich/Pargo (advt Hawks)

- J.J. vs Sy (advt Magic)

- Q. Richardson vs T-Mac ( advt Hawks)

- Anderson vs Radmanovic (advt Magic)

- Orton vs Pachulia (advt Hawks)

Boston Celtics

- Bradley vs Hinrich/Pargo (advt Hawks)

- Dooling vs Sy (push)

- Daniels vs T-Mac (push)

- Bass vs Radmanovic (advt Celts)

- Wilcox vs Pachulia (push)

New York Knicks

- Davis vs Hinrich/Parg (advt Knicks)

- Shumpert vs Sy (Push)

- Walker vs T-Mac (Advt Hawks)

- Jeffries vs Radmanovic (advt Hawks)

- J. Jordan vs Pachulia (advt Hawks)

Honestly, I believe the Hawks bench lost some great scoring by losing Jamal, but I believe they gained more players that can score at a decent rate and play better defense. I believe the Hawks bench will be much better on defense this year and that alone will help make up for the offense missing from Jamal. I think the Hawks bench is better than most of the teams in the East and will allow them to claim one of the top 4 spots in the Eastern Conference.

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