Where in the world is Jamal Crawford going to go?

It looks like Rip Hamilton to the Chicago Bulls is a done deal. So, where does that leave us with a S&T?

Teams who've contacted him:
New York
New Jersey
New Orleans

There is still a possibility that a S&T doesn't get done at all as well and he leaves with no return. Let's take a look at the possibilities after the jump.

New York: I don't know how reluctant New York would be with giving up Timothy Mozgov, probably highly... oh wait he was traded to Denver wasn't he? Hmm, well then, currently the proposed S&T would send Renaldo Balkman, Bill Walker, and Toney Douglas.

Indiana: Indiana would need Crawford for his scoring punch off the bench. Of course they would be looking to get rid of Brandon Rush. Maybe, they could add Dahntay Jones to sweeten the pot? No dice on Lance Stephenson though, that kid is bad news.

Minnesota: Ah, the Land of the Forwards. Yes, we don't need any forwards but lets see what they do have. They've got centers, quantity not quality. Anthony Randolph (Ok...), Brad Miller (Injury Meh...), Darko Milicic (Meh...), Nikola Pekovic (Meh...), Anthony Tolliver (NO!). The problem is that they don't rebound which would make Zaza Pachulia look more like an angry European Wilt Chamberlain compared to them. I'd love to see Luke Ridnour as ultimate backup but the only other "true" PG they have is Ricky Rubio. Chandler Parsons is an option. It would most likely be Wayne Ellington or Martell Webster who would be the traded though in my opinion.

New Jersey: Anyone like the ring of Johan Petro! No? Well, me either. They have the likes of Stephen Graham, Sundiata Gaines, and Anthony Morrow. Nothing too flashy. What intrigues me is a guy like Ben Uzoh. I loved the guys play last year and think he would fill in just like an Eric Bledsoe, a more than capable starter but just as good bench player. Oh wait, who is that I see? Hawks 2010 draft pick Damion James? Yes! I would love for him to be on the team too.

New Orleans: They have Trevor Ariza, Marco Belinelli, Jarrett Jack, Chris Paul, and Emeka Okafor. Seriously... that's their entire roster. I kid, but they only have 8 players on their roster so I was only 3 off. The team would have valuable draft picks that we can pry out. I see that highly unlikely though.

Chicago: I put that in here because I still think that they "could" trade for Crawford even after acquiring Rip City Hamilton. They would have a more defined scoring option even though they'd be losing a valuable defender like Ronnie Brewer. Either Kyle Korver or C.J. Watson would be more inclined to be included since Crawford does their jobs better than they do . I don't see them trading Omer Asik at all since their isn't as much of a need for a SG. We lost our leverage!

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