What the hell, haters?

So we didn't get any new players, who cares? There are many ways that our team could be better next year.

First of all it's hilarious to see so many people, that were confident about Mike Woodson's incompetence, to the point that they thought that anyone who thought he was a good coach was a fool, now see no reason to think that a new scheme from a guy that would know better than anyone the problems with Woodson's tactics could possibly bring further improvement.

What happened to all the armchair point guards that were clamoring for Woodson's head? Did you need someone to bitch about, and used Woodson as a convenient whipping boy? Did you even beleive what you were saying then? I want to think the best of you guys, but you all look like hypocrites right now.

Meanwhile the Hawks are currently on a streak where they have been gotten better every year, and they could just as easily be better next year.

Case in point; Marvin Williams.

            He was our biggest underachiever last year mostly because he was so passive. But keep in mind he was having no plays run for him in a system that was heavy on isolations. Also remember that Marvin was in the first year of his new contract when players have historically had down years.

If Marvin could get close to his previous season's contribution that would be a huge boon for us. It would not only give us another threat, but would lighten the load, and the coverage on everybody else.

But our biggest issue was rebounding. and it seems like the organization knows it as we have been looking for centers. Not that they are likely to find anyone good, but there's something about that Drew can do that your pariah, Woodson refused to do, play Al and Zaza together. 

Then we have Jeff Teague who, with development, could potential stabilize the offense when things break down at bad times, and provide some much needed perimeter D. Or at least in theory he could, but at least now we get to find out.

And we might even start to see a limit to Joe's minutes! This would make us less reliant on, and save wear and tare on him so he doesn't break down in the playoffs.

Now, I've given you several reasons why we could be better next year, but while i'd like to take credit for them, I can't because I learned them all when many of you argued them to me during the last couple of seasons.

What happened? Are you all willing to contradict yourselves and give up what you believed then that easily?

What the hell, haters?

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