Like it or not, ASG got it right this summer.

(Editor's Note: We don't think it's crazy, and wanted to offer a more positive outlook on this offseason than we offered thus far. Nice job.)

Please fellow Hawks fans, before you think I am crazy  and have lost my mind let me explain my reasoning on this scenario by scenario...


1) Joe Johnson contract - Like it or not he was going to get a max contract offer from multiple teams. You don't think once the Clippers, Knicks, Chicago and Jersey missed out on Lebron, Wade and Bosh; Joe wasn't next on their radar? For some reason people think that only superstars get max contracts. That's true if other teams are not waiting to give Joe the max. This year was a players market so 2 other players that aren't superstars got them as well. For those who don't know, he is only the 16th highest paid player in the league this year. Everyone wants to be down on Joe based off the playoffs last season. If Joe goes to NY then the Hawks ARE NOT a playoff team and folks are bashing the ASG for being cheap. No way another superstar comes here if Joe leaves.

2) Not Trading Marvin for Shaq - Correct again. 1) Shaq's focus is on TV shows and endorsements until the playoffs come. 2) You don't ship away one of your starters for a guy that wants to start over your decade younger, All Star center.  3) His production: Shaq only gives you 12 ppg last year playing with Lebron AND in the starting lineup. What does he give you a year older  and only playing bench minutes? What do you do with ZaZa, let him ride the pine? He is only 26 (on paper) and still bigger than D. Howard.

3) Not signing Shaq straight up - If Shaq wanted ATL to pay an inflated price just to sign him when he would take the minimum to go to Boston or San Antonio, I rather him walk. Even if we did sign him, that makes us less flexible for any trades during the season.

4) Selling the draft pick - Just because the ASG didn't overspend on a bench player this summer, doesn' t mean they don't plan on using that 3 mill they got for that extra draft pick. They could make another major move during the trade deadline. With the extra cash and less signed draft pics, the Hawks will have more flexibility.

5) Not going in the luxury tax.... yet. - If you look at the teams with the highest payrolls, most of them are not close to a championship. Indiana, Philly, NO and the Charlotte all have a higher payroll than Atlanta now. Even with Joe's max deal. Let's let Orlando blow their payroll on guys like Brandon Bass and plant them on the bench.

6) Keeping Jamal Crawford - This man is an All-NBA player who is an assassin at the 3, and can blow by any man in front of him. Why in the H would people suggest trading him for anything less than an all-star? Who could you get that could score like him? ASG need to go ahead and give him the extension. 

Not saying that the ASG is perfect, but they didn't do anything this year make the Hawks go in the wrong direction. If Teague turns out to be a average starter, the Hawks are the 3rd best team in the East this year.

A FanPost expresses the opinion of the community member who wrote it and not that of the blog management.

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