(Editor's Note from THHB: This is an excellent counterpoint to critics of Avery Johnson which articulates many of the arguments fans have made for the hiring of Avery as head coach. Great counter-counterpoint by KB21 in the Comments Area...enjoy!)

Looks like from the poll put up by Kris, Avery appears to be the coach everyone wants. From all the analysis, it looks like the job will be going to one of the following 4 coaches- Avery, Dwane, Larry Drew or Mark Jackson.Here are my top 10 reasons why Avery should be the next coach of the Hawks.

1. Not Woody -there are different types of coaches. You have the quiet ones, you have the player friendly ones and you have the disciplinarian. Right now, we need a coach that is different from Woody( a player coach) to make a complete change. Avery is known as a disciplinarian which I think the Hawks need that right now. Dwane and Larry look like quiet player coaches.

2. Personality and exposure - I love coaches with strong personality and larger than life status. They add color and intrigue to the team.Also, one of the main issues with the hawks has been lack of national exposure. Hiring Avery will  help on both ends. He is well known and respected among the analysts and press.

3.Discipline - One of the main problems of the team was that they lacked discipline in executing plays and shot selection. Avery " The General" will  be more structured in running plays and insisting that players play according to his plan.

4. Legitimacy - Bringing Avery to the Hawks adds legitimacy to the team. Free agents, press and analyst have a lot of respect for him and this will only help the team.e.g. the hiring of Dantoni in new York  helps the team in pitching for free agents, fan loyalty and media relations.

5. Josh and Marvin - Josh is too assertive and Marvin is not assertive enough . We need a coach that is not afraid to get in their ears and make them play to their potential and strengths. Given his history, Avery is most likely the one that can make players change .

6. Point Guard -With the development of Teague a priority, a coach that played as a point guard will only help the team.

7.Stand Up!- Avery is no "Yes Man" to management as noted in Dallas where he was not in favor of the Kidd trade and at some point even awanted Dirk to be traded. We need a coach that will not be afraid to challenge mangement to make changes to the team.

8. Assistants - For a coach who has worked with a top class team like Dallas, getting the best assistants will be a key factor. With Avery's pedigree, putting together a good coaching team will be easier for him than the other coaches. He can also call on his former assistants who he has faith and confidence in.

9. Josh Howard and Dirk !- Avery got the knuckle head Josh Howard to play the best basketball of his career and not be a distraction to the team. Through out Dirk's stay with Dallas, Avery is the only one that has been able to get Dirk to play inside the paint. WE NEED A COACH LIKE THIS!!

10. Last job?- Avery got fired from Dallas because the players thought he was too hard on them. Dwane Casey got fired because management lost faith in his ability and Mark Jackson and Larry have never been hired or fired.Enough said. I think Avery should be the man.

A FanPost expresses the opinion of the community member who wrote it and not that of the blog management.

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