Sign and Trade contd.

Hey team,

    As you can probably tell from my s/n, I'm more of a baseball guy than a basketball guy. But I've still got love for my hometown Hawks. Like you all, I've been following the Joe Johnson free agent saga, and have been wondering in which direction the Hawks should go. I know there is another recent fanpost about a sign and trade deal, but just wanted to offer my suggestions also. The following is an convo I was having with some friends that I'm cutting and pasting, so please excuse the spelling errors, and references to a mysterious "Doug"...


This is not a headline yet, but I still believe it's going to happen pretty soon. So I figure, why not get something back in return? So here are some sign-and-trade options I've thought of, 1 for each of the teams I've heard is interested in Joe

New Jersey- Yi Jianlian straight up. I know that Doug is probably furious just from reading this selection, but dude is 7 feet. We need a legitimate big man, and he doesnt have to be a big time rebounder with j-smith and horford. Plus, we could possibly get some Chinese dollars rolling into the team.

New York- two free agents who arent on their team yet. Seriously, have you looked at the Knicks roster? They blow. They;ve got that one Italian dude, but I'm pretty sure he's untouchable.

Dallas- Brendan Haywood/Eric Dampier and Caron Butler. I'm admitedly stealing this one from the AJC, but it makes some sense. I think Haywood and Dampier are in the last years of their contracts. If you want a 1 and done, I'd take Dampier as he's the better rebounder. If you take Haywood, you can try to sign him for a few more years. Haywood, Horford, Smith, Crawford (either one really), Teague. You'd then have the other crawford, butler, childress (im hopeful), williams and zaza coming off the bench. Not even Doug can hate this scenario

Clippers- Chris Kaman. If I was the clippers, there's no way I'd give up Chris Kaman. Though for some reason, I seem to remember his name coming up during the past couple of trade deadlines.

Rockets- Luis Scola and Kevin Martin/Trevor Ariza. This one is a Sewanee Braves original, and I think it'd work. Here's why; I've heard Scola's name come up in a sign and trade for Bosh, so theyre willing to move him. I really like Scola, and though he's undersized, pairing him with Horford would give you a really scrappy rebounding tandem. Then with the guards, you could have your pick with Ariza or Martin. Martin= 20 ppg, Ariza= 15 ppg, but probably better in every other category. And one of them would be expendable; you wouldnt need 3 top sg's. I think the Rockets would prfer to keep Ariza because of his versatility, so lets say we get Scola and Martin. Teague, Martin, Smith, Scola, Horford. That way, both Crawfords can come off the bench with Childress, Williams, and Zaza


Now, obviously New York is there for a joke. I don't think the Clippers or Nets deals are likely. But what would you guys think about the Rockets and Mavericks deals?

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