Just give me the W.

For the love of God what is it about Woody that everybody does not like. Fine! He does not run 'sophisticated" plays. Fine! He runs a lot of Isolation. He even gets a lot of criticism when the Hawks WIN!!. The Hawks lose to Golden State and  all hell breaks lose. They go and beat Utah and no one gives him credit  . Heck he is even being criticized for winning against Milwaukee . Yes, the Bucks that had just won 6 straight ROAD GAMES!!!

For all the criticism, here are somethings you cannot deny

1. He plays to WIN THE GAME: If all the Hawks players play hard every night they will be in EVERY GAME !! What more can a coach do.

2. He has exceeded everyones expectations...At the beginning of the season, Hawksdawgs put out a post on the season predictions.( Please go back and look at your prediction) I guarantee you, the Hawks are on par to exceed everyone's expectations. For  the 3rd consecutive year , the Hawks have exceeded every analyst prediction yet the coach GETS NO CREDIT...AMAZING!!. 

3. The Hawks are 1 loss away from being the second best team in the East ! They are even 1 loss away from being the 3rd best team in the NBA!! Heck Woody must be doing something right .. I struggle to see another coach having a better record with the same squad.  Dallas, Denver, Boston,San Antonio, Utah, Orlando . All these teams are obviously better than the Hawks in terms of talent  and experience level yet the Hawks are within striking distance or better than all of them. 

4. Stats dont lie. Look at every stat, and the hawks are very impressive. Wins, Off efficiency ( currently 5th), what ever stat you look at, the Hawks are a very good team. 

Please Woody ...Just keep giving me the W. Iso Joe, Switch all , however you do it, I dont care .JUST GIVE ME THE W!!! 

Criticize Woody for all you want , you cannot deny that what the Hawks are doing this season is amazing. Playing with obvious deficiencies in the team especially at arguably the 2 most important positions( PG and Center) for the Hawks to be within 1 loss of being the 3rd best team in the league is damn right amazing and however you put it, some credit has to go to the coach. 

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