I am not saying this out of fraustration. I am saying this out of reason.WHO OR WHAT IS JOSH SMITH?? One of the major reasons why the Hawks are struggling is the unbelieveable indisciplined play of Josh Smith.

Every team has defined roles. The problem with Josh is that he gets out of his team's defined role.. He wants to be the point guard, center, 2 guard ,small forward , six man etc. The problem with that is that he messes up the team psychology. When Marvin , Joe or Bibby takes a 3, that is within  their role. It doesnt really matter if they miss it because everyone on the team knows that they are suppose to take the 3 and are more likely to live with the result.

Imagine being a team mate of Josh. When he jacks up a 3 or decides to run the point instead of passing the ball to the point guard, what will be on your mind? I bet they are saying DAMN Josh! , I bet your energy level  will fall and your fraustration will rise. It has nothing to do with making the 3 or pass. It has to do with discipline and playing your role. 

He( Josh) is very immature and tends to be easily frustrated when the Hawks are losing thereby hurting the team  by his  plays and antics e.g..Did you see how many times he let Big Baby  and Kevin get the shots they wanted because of  his frustration?

Too many times, you can feel the other Hawks players drop their shoulder when Josh makes a bone head play. That affects the teams psychology. Trading Josh will let Al play the 4, move Collins to the 5.We have enough shooters in the starting line up and Collins doesn't hurt you defensively,he  is very disciplined and is a TRUE CENTER. If down the road this season, Teague is able to get the starting job, WE WILL HAVE A TRUE STARTING 5.I am sorry, but 2 undersized starters is a huge hole for this  team to overcome. 

Oh and he has great trade value right now!. We can get a solid guard, small forward or even center( or a combination) in return. Like the saying goes, the Hawks goes as Josh smith goes. If he plays well, the Hawks play well. If he doesn't, they lose. Unfortunately, the Hawks cannot go far with that kind of mentality.  Especially when Josh is not Kobe Bryant

You want more reasons?

1. He is not a small forward as noted by the career points of the opposing teams small forwards when he played the role early in the season.

2., He is not the teams best power forward. That prize goes to AL.

3. He is in his 7th or 8th  year. He SHOULD GET IT BY NOW.

4. Yeah we will lose some of his rebounding and block shots...I can live with that. Marvin, Collins and Al can make up most of it.- Collins is not a good rebounder, but he is very good at boxing out, Al can be a good shot blocker as noted by his stats last year. 

5.His best role might be energy off the bench.Unfortunately, you risk him pouting and  losing it.!!!

6. A lot of teams will love to have him!!.HAWKS BEST  TRADE ASSET

7. Contrary to popular opinion, the Hawks will be better defensively without Josh in the starting line up. Why? Al playing the 4, no undersized center, limited bone head and risky plays and most importantly- EVERYONE PLAYING WITHIN THE GAME PLAN.

8., Woody was getting some success in limiting Josh's bone head plays.Larry unfortunately, has done a very bad job and lacks the reputation to make Josh rein in his antics. 

9.Forget stats , you can only win consistently when everyone plays within the roles defined by the coach and game plan. That is against Josh's basketball  philosophy of doing it all.

10. The Hawks can win with Marvin, Al,Bibby or even Joe playing badly sometimes. WE CANNOT WIN WITH JOSH PLAYING BADLY BECAUSE HE HURTS THE TEAM IN SO MANY WAYS.

You think otherwise ?let me know.

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