Jamal Crawford for Caron Butler, Who's with me?

Ok so with 12 games in the books,  there is one thing evident that freakin' irks me.  Jamal Crawford has no reference of DEFENSE in his mind, vocabulary, and especially his game.  We all know that Mike Bibby is horrible at defense, but at least he tries.  Bibby actually gets over screens and manages to pick his man up after help has come to his aid.  Jamal Crawford on the other hand, waves his arm in an attempt to show effort.  I am very grateful for what Jamal has brought to the team and  I have much respect for his offensive ability.  But with the new offensive scheme, his one-on-one skills are less of a need, which in my opinion makes him expendable.

Caron Butler is the guy the Hawks should go after.  In a sense we lose very little offensively.  Caron is a very good one-on-one player himself and can get to the basket.  His 3-point shooting may not be rival Crawford's (when he hot) but he's a scorer and in the new offense he would get his shots.

Caron Butler taking JC1's role as the first guy off the bench would do wonders for this team.  First, Teague will be able to develop more efficiently.  Teague has shown progression through the first 12 games and has shown the ability to be a solid back up and can handle more minutes.  Secondly, it gives greater depth on the wing with two legit SF in  he and Marvin and a capable SF in Mo Evans.  And speaking of Mo, he will be able to play more at the 2 in the backup role to Joe.  Larry Drew will have many more options with Butler in the line up.  (LD could go big with Joe at the point and Caron at the 2 with Marvin, Smoove, and Lion on the frontline)

What does all that lead to?  A completely better defensive team.  The bench would be much better defensively with Caron guarding 3's, Mo guarding 2's, and our "Rondesque" point guard Jeff Teague staying in front of the opposing team's pg.

Why would Dallas go for this trade?  Because they want scoring, Caron hasn't had a good relationship with Coach Carlisle, and Mark Cuban is always looking to make a move that he believes will get his team over the hump.  The numbers work out easily also as both players have similar expiring contracts.

Side note: Tayshaun Prince is a similar player that could help the Hawks and who is available but Caron brings more benefits to have to lose Jamal than does Prince.  Shane Battier's name can also be thrown in the hat.

For the Hawks to really get to the next level, defense is the key.  The offense shows that they can and will score the ball.  Defense is what wins Championships!

A FanPost expresses the opinion of the community member who wrote it and not that of the blog management.

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